Horoscope for November 15 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 15 by Russell Grant


You can think seriously about ending a friendship that has disappointed you. What pleasure can you get from a relationship with someone who relies on you so much that you can not breathe? They need to start standing on their feet to have more balance and harmony.


You may decide not to attend a group event when the thought of joining makes you feel uncomfortable. Do not feel guilty that you are losing this. You will find pleasure through a sports activity. Fresh air will help you clear your mind. A few light exercises will not hurt you.


Someone you see regularly is reading more than usual. A confrontation with an authority figure should not cause much inconvenience if everyone stays calm, civil and polite. If a business opportunity comes to you later in the day, it will be up to you to prove your worth.


Try not to be disappointed if something you have been looking forward to does not meet your expectations. Now is a good time to think seriously about the future. Have a strong sense that change is on track and despite a small disappointment today, you will enter an important stage in your life.


Since some things have gone wrong lately, you can decide to think very carefully. There are some areas where you can make some improvements. However, it is essential that you keep your thoughts and plans to yourself. If the person hears what you are thinking, he may oppose your plans.


The more you question your decisions, relationships, and actions, the more confused you will begin to feel. A recent situation could have been handled better, but looking back will not change what has already happened. Look ahead.


Use your wit in all situations involving other people. You may feel a little angry with a colleague who seems overly demanding. From their point of view they are just trying to find a way to express their individuality while still being part of a team.


New opportunities will open up for you soon. You need to fully understand the risks and benefits of a situation before making a major commitment. Plans made in the workplace will happen quickly and this may surprise everyone. You doubt many things that have already been discussed.


All you have to do is say no to a request made by a relative. You can no longer lend to them or help them with their responsibilities. This is not a special case, but a habit they have taken. The emotional turmoil in close relationships will quickly subside, but sometimes you need to be more polite.


An unexpected bonus or profit will satisfy you. Now you can enjoy an extravagant purchase without worrying. You will not touch savings to cover expenses next week. Social life is going to new heights.


You can hear about some local events you missed recently. Family, friends and even colleagues seem all inclined to stop to catch everything that has happened and some events that are planned for the future will also appear in the conversation.


Someone will give tips that help in linking some details of a difficult project. You may not have thought of spending the end of the day in the middle of a worry, but there will be an element of satisfaction associated with your ultimate achievement.