Horoscope for January 15 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 15 by Russell Grant


A friend or colleague has been dealt a devastating blow. With your support they can have a new start. A complicated situation will need to be thought through before you answer.


Whether traveling to a faraway destination or hoping to expand your horizons, disappointments are encountered. Communing with nature will be a welcome diversion.


You can't force someone to understand a financial matter if they refuse to listen. Some people have to learn from their mistakes and this is an example. Don't worry about where a friend or colleague's behavior might lead and get on with your life.

The crab

You and your partner are in perfect harmony with each other. The decision to make things more permanent between you will come easily. Neither of you treat romance like it's a frivolous game. You will agree on joint long-term plans. Are you single? Giving support to someone in need can lead to the beginning of a lasting friendship.


Reaching a compromise on shared financial issues will take time, but it is possible. You and a partner should have an honest discussion. You want others to understand your point of view, but you must also try to understand what they are saying. This can lead to a compromise.


A friend or neighbor asks you for something, and since they have done you a favor recently, they feel they have the right to expect you to repay the good deed. You feel trapped and forced to do this, but it would be better to move on now. In the future you may think twice about whose help you accept.


An apology that someone makes means nothing unless they prove by their actions that they intend to right the wrong. Many people have been hurt by their behavior and it is generally felt that more should be done to address an issue that is causing ongoing friction.


People higher up the hierarchy are looking at options to help those in need get through the tough times ahead. Whether that means starting a new charity or community project, volunteering to help out will make you feel like you're doing something for the community.


Try looking at a frustrating situation from different angles. There are several ways to get out of a difficult situation. If you have a problem related to joint finances, don't let others make all the decisions. Be willing to talk and encourage everyone involved to discuss the options available.


You have some tough choices ahead of you. You want one thing, but someone in the family is planning something completely different. It may seem like this is a cosmic test of your resolve and you will intend to stick to your decisions. Refrain from engaging in arguments.


You just can't keep giving attention to a crying friend all the time. Don't feel so guilty. There may be schemes or organizations in your area that can help solve this problem.


Devote some time each day to a challenging project and you'll start to see results. Creative work will bring you a good mood. A home renovation will hurt your budget. A generous relative can offer help if you are struggling to pay basic household bills.