Horoscope for October 14 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 14 by Russell Grant


After all the pressure a partner has put on you, it seems inevitable that you will agree to new routines or measures. This should not stop you from exploring alternative options. Make some suggestions before the end of the day and you may be surprised by what has been agreed upon.


It is impossible to think clearly when your mind is full of contradictory advice and mixed information. You need to get rid of all bad thoughts so that you do not feel overwhelmed. You may even find that some thoughts are not yours and you are influenced by a friend.


Some speculation can be rewarding. You are feeling lucky and regardless of the consequences, you will find spontaneous experiences. It is a good time to sign contracts and discuss issues of a financial nature. It will not be immediately clear to you why a friend will make you a surprise proposal.


Discuss issues that concern you so much that they cause you headaches. The more you keep them to yourself, the more tense, anxious and upset you will feel. If anyone has said or done something that upset you, let them know. Likewise for a friend who has failed to deliver on a promise, he should know that you feel disappointed by him.


You are beginning to see things as they are and not how you have been led to see them by people who have a lot of influence over others. You will look back on a recent incident and realize that things are not as they seem. It is annoying to be lied to by someone who has a very charming personality.


Are you ready to tackle romantic relationships and issues which have recently caused some conflict. It will have been a mix of difficult circumstances that have caused problems. Setting mutual goals will strengthen partnership bonds especially if you agree to stay together no matter what challenges you face.


Commitments you are expected to agree to may mean you are limited in the future. A business deal will prevent you from having similar relationships elsewhere. Family obligations can limit the time you have for other matters. It is important to know that people are honest with you before you fully engage.


You prefer to be organized, but this is not possible when unexpected demands and expectations hinder you. Trying to split your time into a number of different jobs and projects is not working. You may have to delegate or notify some people who will have to wait before you reach them.


An impulsive move or decision may not work to your advantage. Stop and think about this before taking action. How can this affect your future and what consequences can it have on your relationship? If you act too fast you are in danger of getting burned.


You can not let a member of your family solve his or her troubles alone when you know you can help him or her. Even though you realize that they do not want to bother you with their problems, it will save you a lot of time if you intervene. They will accept your help.


The more you try to get something right, the more you seem to fail and the more important something is to you, the harder it becomes. Doing things that do not go well will damage your self-esteem. Better put them aside and come back in a second.


The opportunity to earn some extra money may not be as important as someone is making you believe. This proposal may have some clauses attached and will not be without hidden costs. After looking at them all, you can realize that the investment you have made will not be worth it.