Horoscope for September 14 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for September 14 by Russell Grant


Specific hopes and goals are in your mind when a number of events push you to think about the goals you have always wanted to achieve. You will make a real effort to achieve these. People will support you in everything you do.


The extra responsibility is falling on you. A colleague is preparing for an interview, or has received a medical report. Either way, this is putting a heavy burden on your shoulders. Think twice before you get an offer to get involved in a community project even if the idea really appeals to you.


You are trying to be a diplomat because you are explaining something to someone you love, but they are not listening to what you are saying. They seem to have lost the essence. Your partner is not in tune with your needs and feelings and something that is important to you is not to them.


The good news will be received in the office. Have a feeling that you will soon have something to celebrate. With all the desire you have, you should not convey any information that you have not heard from serious people. Very soon your personal interests will move.


You are dealing with a lot of professional commitments. A caring partner may ask if there will be room in your life to adjust to everything. An impulsive decision can have far-reaching consequences. Agreements involving property, or finance will go well. You will want people to see that you know what you are doing.


The pace of a team effort will accelerate when it turns out that you are not the only one wanting some extra work. You are ready to move on to other things now. This is why you will be quick to take on a new challenge instead of waiting for opportunities to come your way.


A colleague or friend will be honest about a personal problem and you may feel that they expect you to have a solution. The whole situation will make you feel uncomfortable especially if you do not know and so much. All you can do is give him some advice.


Until everything calms down, it will be hard to know if a decision was successful, but what is important is that you are making a choice based on what seems right to you right now. Some things make so much sense to you that you will go on with or without your family approval.


Because of issues beyond your control, you will be expected to stand up for a missing teammate or teammate. You may say no always, but your conscience will not let you in because you know other people rely on you to help them and you are one of the few qualified to handle this problem.


Your partner or relative will accuse you of spending too much on pleasure. Ask yourself where this idea came from, as you are the most careful in the family with money. Look at family expenses. Yours have no problem.


In the issues being discussed, avoid irritation, talk calmly and a compromise will be found. You will surpass yourself in professional matters. It seems that your ideas have no end. Those in positions of authority will make it clear that they are impressed by you.


Use moderation in everything you do, as energy and enthusiasm run out very quickly. You may be surprised at the change in mood from the beginning of the day to the end. It is essential to keep both feet on the ground.