Horoscope for November 14 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 14 by Russell Grant


You might seriously consider leaving a public role to a contender who seems eager to take on your responsibilities. They have no idea how difficult it is to deal with critical customers and hostile people. If they think they can do better, let them try.


Your partner's behavior bothers you. A meaningful discussion will reveal that they have stopped talking about a past situation where they were cheated on. Because of this they are looking after their own interests, but the past is the past and currently, your needs are also important.


A competitive atmosphere keeps you on your toes. If you hope to take a step up the ladder of success, you must watch your every word and make sure that every action you take is the best you can do. It won't be easy to keep your ideas a secret when the whole world seems to know what you're up to.

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You should set aside some time, each day, for a writing, music, or art project. It may seem like other things get in the way, but neglecting your creative skills leaves you feeling tired and restless. Incorporate hobbies into your busy schedule.


An offer will be made if you have been trying to sell a property. This will make you face mixed emotions. Home life needs your attention. Repairs will need to be done immediately even if it means taking some time off work to supervise a plumber or electrician.


It will be fun to experiment and share creative ideas with others. A more flexible approach will help to realize a work project with unexpected ease. You don't expect miracles, but you will expect to see results.


Attending a fascinating event or party will give you a new lease of life. Accept a key role in a group community. You are and can be an inspirational leader. Not everyone will like your unconventional ideas, but there are some who will embrace them.


Getting a higher position is proof that you have what it takes to move up the career ladder. You will also be aware of the need to tighten up as others are now looking to you to lead by example.


If you don't start reducing your commitments to others, you will make yourself sick. Someone has repeatedly interfered in your life. You've reached the point now where you're ready to insist on getting some peace and privacy.


You are focused on achieving a goal you have set for yourself. This puts you up against some experienced competitors. All of this should increase your desire to succeed. There is a high chance that you will beat them all. You know you can do this.


Do you want to ask someone about something? This is quite a dilemma and you are not sure how to approach it. Sit together and you will find the right words. Their response will not be as negative as you expected.


There's a lot going on behind the scenes and you'll soon be informed about issues you weren't aware of. Although at first you will be surprised by what you hear, you will also realize that this can be to your advantage.