Horoscope for March 14 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 14 by Russell Grant


Domestic affairs will be complicated. Problems occupy your mind and this will disturb your concentration in other areas. An online friend is eager to tell everyone about a special purchase he made. Once you see what it is, you may decide to make a similar purchase yourself.


It may not have been on your to-do list, but you need to deal with a niggling issue or two. Your support is welcome when people know they can count on your practical help. As always, you will be present, calm and steady in any situation and make reasonable progress.


It's one of those infuriating moments when things go wrong. Tired of spending so much of your time looking for missing pens, keys and other items. Organize cupboards and drawers and designate places to keep items you use every day. Think twice before lending someone something you value. You may never see it again.

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You may not have all the answers, but being willing to listen to a young person's problems means more to them than you might think. They will appreciate the fact that you are taking them seriously. All the hours you are spending on a particular project will be time well spent.


A sharp memory and attention to detail will be necessary if you want to make a perfect performance. Working hard to improve your skills and knowledge will set you on the path to success. Do not hesitate to accept a special work or study assignment. You don't want this offer to go anywhere else.


An authority figure is making unfair demands on you. You're not enjoying a heavier workload than usual, especially when you know you need help. It's time to insist that colleagues share some of your responsibilities.


Creative and artistic activities shared with a friend will bring cash rewards. A partner will have news that will take a weight off your mind. Are you a Libra looking for love? A friendship may soon turn into something more romantic.


When it comes to deciding what you want out of life in the long run, you can look far. Destiny can make the biggest dreams come true if you are brave enough to take the first step. Above all, refuse to stay tied to old routines when it's time to experience exciting days.


A good cause will attract you. Learn more. There are a number of ways to help and support a group. Someone who has been acting strange lately will make you smile again before the day is out. Their efforts to make changes prove that there was nothing to worry about.


Be careful with savings. Maintain a hands-on approach to business and financial dealings. An aspect of your personal finances may come under scrutiny. Continue to walk carefully.


Make the most of every opportunity to break away from the familiar. Take a trip to a new place. It pays to pursue new methods of dealing with familiar tasks and responsibilities. A different approach can work surprisingly well.


A caring friend will warn you that you are too impulsive, but what they don't see is how determined you are to succeed. Keep going and the result should be that you end the day on a productive and satisfying note.