Horoscope for October 13 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 13 by Russell Grant


Your friend or partner is not very attentive to your needs. They want to convince you to support their ideas and plans. If it is becoming a habit for them to take control of your relationship, it is time to show the determined side of your nature. They need to know that you can not be manipulated.


You are worried because you want more out of life. A strange but compelling need for something different can push you to study the mystical and spiritual realms. You think something is missing from your life and you are looking for answers to fill this gap. An empty feeling within you has to do with a recent disappointment.


Living for a long time in the past will hinder you. You need to separate yourself from the disturbing aspects of your past. Entertainment will inspire you and make you happy. Reading, writing a blog or traveling by car are great ways to keep your mind busy.


No matter how hard you try to imagine the future, you can not imagine what might happen if you make a certain decision. There are a number of possible consequences and therefore all you can do is make a choice based on the facts available to you and proceed with caution.


You can get deep feedback on a topic that intrigues you if you do so with people who have experience in that field. Asking prudent questions will give you a good impression of other people's feelings. Someone in the family wants more freedom, respect their need for independence.


If you are thinking of applying for a promotion or another job, now is the time to act on these ideas. Workplace changes put a beneficial emphasis on your career jobs. If you are single, someone from your past will connect with you online. They have news that you will listen to with great pleasure.


You like to observe what is happening around you. It can be fun to see someone say two plus two equals five, but you don't have to tease them about it. Take them separately and tell them about their mistake. Remember that a little harmless fun can have detrimental consequences.


Be careful not to reveal a secret that has recently been shared with you. This is something uncomfortable, but are you giving the answer openly? Think about what the consequences of your actions might be. Once you weigh the pros and cons, if you decide this is a secret you can not keep to yourself, do not feel guilty.


You are finding all sorts of excuses to delay doing a job you do not like. You are actually spending more time trying to push this job than it would take to do it. In your mind you are making it much worse than it is and you will discover this once you continue with it.


A goal that you thought you could have achieved, so far seems out of the question. You are wondering if you will ever succeed or if you should give up on this idea. You do not have to worry about continuing, but insist and you will start to see results.


Something is making you more careful than usual. You are checking everything. You are wasting time reviewing every decision and step you take. It's wise to be sensitive, but paying close attention to detail is holding you back. Stop analyzing everything.


Your head says one thing and your heart another. This is causing you a lot of confusion. You are harassing and delaying making an important decision, but this is only delaying the inevitable. The consequences may not be as bad as you think. Doing something to help yourself will relieve internal worries and tension and improve your health.