Horoscope for February 13 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 13 by Russell Grant


You'll surprise someone by ditching routine deals when you have the chance to try something new. Monotony has disappointed you. Your daily life has become very boring and that is why you will enjoy the unexpected events that will appear now.


Tensions in work relationships and arguments in society affect you emotionally. Due to matters beyond your control, someone is relying on you completely. Spending time with close friends and family gives you a chance to breathe freely.


It might not be everything you hoped for, but you won't be disappointed when you get a message you've been waiting for. There are still ideas you can develop moving forward.

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You can talk to someone to help calm your thoughts. You worry about things that may never happen and this makes you tense and nervous. There are several possible options for your current situation.


People keep getting in your way and you can't move forward no matter how hard you try. You long for a change and to escape familiar places and faces for a short while.


You are surprised by how much you have to go through. You've been working a lot lately, but there doesn't seem to be any change in your workload. A friend who expects you to do him a special favor will be upset that you can't help him.


You are trying hard to keep others happy. You will do anything for the sake of harmony, but your happiness is also important. There is something you really want to do and you can decide to go ahead with it despite the disapproval of a loved one.


Someone is trying to tell you something in order to avoid other people understanding what is going on. It is not what is said that is important, but what remains between the lines. When a choice must be made, seek the opinion of a friend you can trust.


It doesn't matter what others expect or say you should do, you have issues that are important to you that you need to focus on right now. A relative expects you to agree to their plans.


Worries will eventually ease. One way to take your mind off your current worries would be to go online and chat with some old friends.


Keep your usual routine if you don't feel up to the challenges or challenges. Avoid people who never seem to have a good thing to say about anything.


No matter how busy you may be, you should also have fun. You can't help but have fun when you spend time with someone who has a great sense of humor. Check emails and text messages. A friend is making plans that you will like.