Horoscope for November 13 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 13 by Russell Grant


You're not sure what you're going to do, but you hope it involves more than just you. There is a desire to go out and catch up with everything you've missed. A meeting with friends will be the place where you will have a lot of fun.


New opportunities will be taken from an objective perspective. Your hope is that everyone involved will benefit from a proposed new venture. Your practical outlook will pay off in the overall direction of your lifestyle.


Routine matters will fall upon you and for a short time it may seem as if everything around you is chaotic. A family matter will take an unexpected turn and that means you have a busy few hours ahead. What is good is that you will make progress on a new project.

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It is a good time to catch up with old and new friends. A reason to celebrate will be the perfect opportunity for you to do so. If you are alone you will feel a sympathy for someone who is sensitive and shy. If you already have a partner, they will be very helpful in suggesting how you can resolve a career-related dilemma.


Be practical and sensitive, but don't expect too much from yourself when you have to make quick decisions. It shouldn't be a problem for you to rely on your own abilities. A new boss will set new rules in the workplace, but you're not quite sure how you feel about their methods yet.


Ideas for arranging your home will be discussed. If the prices are affordable, you will be happy to continue with them. Something valuable will be found once you start with this project. You have some good ideas to implement.


You have some lofty goals. When it comes to choosing what you want out of life in the coming months, you're more likely to succeed if you keep your goals realistic. If there's anything you're unsure about, ask a friend for advice.


If you are asked to predict the outcome of the current negotiations, you will be at a loss for how to respond. You really can't see or imagine how things will turn out. Your duties are exhausting, and if you don't get some rest, you may tire faster than you expect.


A situation expected to be only temporary. People will be grateful for your contribution to a group project. Thanks to your efforts, this team is now thriving. Now you are ready to walk away and leave them, even though someone is trying to convince you to stay.


An invitation to a meeting will sound more stressful than fun, and right now you need some rest. You don't understand how gossip can be relaxing for some people. If you have a choice you will always stay away from them.


If you are in a leadership position, your dilemma now is to judge how much you can trust people to meet obligations. One is inclined to prove what one is capable of doing. You want to think that they can manage an important task, but you need to see with your own eyes what they are capable of before you agree to give them more freedom.


There are several mysteries surrounding a figure. You begin to suspect that someone has been hiding the truth from you. You may not have been paying attention for a moment, but a mistake has been made and this now requires you to be very careful.