Horoscope for March 13 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 13 by Russell Grant


A rumor that reaches your ears will disturb you. Curb your reaction. There's no way you're going to believe what you hear, but you can't help but wonder how anyone else could take it seriously. A few phone calls will reveal who likely started this malicious rumor.


One will admit that he has difficulty with some of his responsibilities. You will be asked to take on jobs that you have never done before. They need your help and the ball is now in your court. You can always say no. Or you can use your innate wisdom and practicality to deal with the situation.


The love and warmth felt in your close relationships will be unconditional. There are strong levels of understanding between you and a relative. Even in friendship, people will be friendly and eager to hear your ideas. You will find out the reason for this later.

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It will be in your best interest to think twice before giving an opinion or giving someone advice. It's not like you don't know what you're talking about. The reason is that when you see how little respect some people show you, you won't want to waste your breath or energy on them.


A quick review of the status of a shared project will confuse you a bit. The tasks that other people had agreed to do are still incomplete. You're starting to wonder why you got involved in this commitment.


If you feel that your talents are not being used fully and properly, start looking around for ways to remedy this situation. Aim high and don't let anyone stop you. Things that haven't been going your way lately will start to show clear signs of improvement.


You will accidentally discover something about someone you work with that you never liked or trusted. This confirms your feelings for him. Keep quiet about what you have learned as this will give you a hidden advantage in the future.


Are you letting your emotions rule your head? You've been thinking a lot about recent conversations, wondering if there's a double meaning behind someone's words. You can feel the silence when you walk into a room because people are talking about you. The room might have been quiet before you arrived.


Keep your thoughts to yourself if you feel frustrated by the strange behavior of a friend, colleague or relative. Rest assured, this will be short-lived. Stand back and observe what is happening rather than taking direct action. Also wait until you have all the facts before making firm decisions.


You have sensed that a friend who has been quiet lately has had something on his mind. You didn't press for explanations and that was a good move as they are now ready to come to you of their own free will. They need a shoulder to cry on and will appreciate your warmth and understanding.


A new business venture will seem like a watertight deal at first. You will be quick to show your interest. You also understand that a lot of work needs to be done before any progress can be made. In the evening you deserve to be quiet.


Financial matters are high on the list of priorities. If you're in the middle of a lengthy legal transaction, stay up to date with everything that's going on. Be careful about offering a friend advice about their finances. They are only telling you half the story.