Horoscope for May 13 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 13 by Russell Grant


Some feelings of anxiety and need for change have long occupied you. This will worry you even more when you are in limited situations. You are expected to adhere to the wishes and demands of others and the sooner you get rid of this situation, the better.


You will face further problems. Sometimes it seems like you are banging your head behind a brick wall. In addition to not being able to make any progress, someone close to you will be in touch asking for your help in an issue in which you would prefer not to get involved.


The cruel or insensitive comments of a colleague will cause you some moments of doubt. If they manage to damage your trust, then you have let them win. Hasty decisions made because of a debate in the workplace will make you regret it later. It's not the time to take everything they say, so seriously.


A little frivolity does not mean being stupid. Having fun helps relieve tension. Reconnect with your inner child by seeing happy childhood memories. Creative and artistic entertainments will give you a lot of fun. Keep reminding yourself that it's good to have fun and even be stupid from time to time.


Hesitate and you may miss a good opportunity. By being more grateful for the opportunities that surround you now, you will be more likely to benefit as much as possible from the good things that come your way. Do not miss it by letting good prospects slip out of your hands.


If you have to pay a little attention to money matters, make sure you read the correspondence and contracts very carefully. You may miss something interesting between the letters. Always keep an eye open.


You had calculated that someone would support you, but you were disappointed at the last minute. Normally they keep their promises, but something happened. You will need to reorganize your day. Tension at home has a lot to do with finances.


A lazy colleague continues to shirk his responsibilities and this has started to cause you problems. You are doing enough work for two. Make sure bosses are aware of the situation. Be prepared to challenge someone who is not holding the weight they deserve.


You can not understand why a friend or partner behaves irresponsibly. An open-hearted conversation would be better than issuing an ultimatum. Discussions give you a better understanding of the situation. It may be your lack of confidence in their abilities that has made them behave in this extreme way.


Since you have to face a series of demands from all directions, once you stop and sit down, you may feel like you no longer want to get up. At this point you will suddenly realize how tired this thing has made you.


Now is the time to update your CV. Maybe you did not intend to make a career change, but a vacancy will attract your attention. Remind yourself that you have what it takes to achieve that. Apply. Do not listen to anyone who tries to demoralize you.


Try not to be possessive when your other half takes advantage of an opportunity that puts them in touch with new people. It's not that you will not just need to spend some time outside the home. Are you single? Take it easy. Someone you know may not yet be ready to give up his independence.