Horoscope for January 13 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 13 by Russell Grant


Someone nearby will get lucky in the lottery or some other game of chance. You will be satisfied with them. Everyone dreams of a big win. You might also feel a little envious, because while they celebrate their good fortune, you're trying to figure out how you can meet the household bills.


There will be lots of fun ideas with a great group of creative people. A group effort will fill you with excitement. Someone who left your life unexpectedly has returned. You won't be sure why they're back, but it'll feel surprisingly good to see them again.


Jobs will not be completed if neglected. There is a tense atmosphere in the workplace and colleagues argue. Let them fight among themselves. You don't have the time or energy to join. You'd rather go ahead and get the job done.

The crab

You are upset with someone who disappoints you. Agreements already made will be broken. You know, from their excuse, that they could have admitted this earlier instead of leaving it to inform you at the end.


There will be stiff competition, but that will keep everyone focused. A team's mini-losing streak is coming to an end, and that in itself deserves to be celebrated. The atmosphere will be electrifying. Be sure to praise someone who helped you get this far.


It makes a lot of sense to start cutting expenses. It can also help if you follow ways to increase your income. This may mean asking for a raise, or finding a more lucrative job. Getting paid what you're worth is your main objective.


Attending a glamorous event will have you rubbing shoulders with people who can become valuable business contacts. Meetings will be arranged and if all goes according to plan, you will soon receive support to start an important community project.


The words of a soul friend will put you in touch with the hidden side of your nature and you will want to discover more. A personal interest takes on a new meaning. It is difficult to explain your new outlook to a loved one who lacks spiritual understanding.


Not everything will go well. However, you will accept every struggle as an aid to gain positive knowledge about difficult experiences. This time will do you good to understand your mistakes.


Instead of wasting time waiting for other people to make decisions, find something useful to do. You are full of energy. Use your wonderful creative ability by learning to make furniture, jewelry or clothes.


The pressure of work and other vital tasks have left you little time for yourself. Someone is ready to cancel social plans at the last minute. Accept this kindly. So you can find some time just for yourself.


If you are hoping for support to start a joint project, you will easily find what you are looking for. In group situations, expect success in everything you face.