Horoscope for October 12 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 12 by Russell Grant


The requests of a friend or partner in need are taking up a lot of your time and this will create a lot of worries. You will make some sacrifices. It will be worth it to keep your relationship strong.


Communication is so important in all relationships and it is frustrating to find someone who has been cheating. How can their behavior be justified after all you have been through together? If this is the first time they have been dishonest, it may be easier to forgive.


A social scene keeps you on your toes. The joy of a friend will be contagious making you feel confident and optimistic. You are also thinking about organizing a romantic trip abroad, where there will be no one else but you and your loved ones.


Do not go to extremes when sharing ideas and suggestions on how to move forward in a group project. Try to keep your outlook on life calm and flexible. Activities with friends take you out of your shell. You do not expect miracles from a group effort, but anticipate having a lot of fun.


You have something important to say to your partner or a close friend. You are not very sure how they will react even though you have a strong feeling that they will not be happy. It may be necessary not to face them face to face.


It makes a lot of sense to get away from people, places and situations that do not make you happy. Aim for friends and places that give you the most happiness. If you are married or have a partner you need to get organized and spend more quality moments with your boyfriend.


Think twice before letting a friend say the last word. Someone close to you is trying to manage your life and your relationship. If you are single, their actions prevent you from finding true happiness. You need to show others that you are responsible for your own life.


Confidential information has been shared with you and this is something you would have preferred not to know. You will try to agree with someone’s confession and may think it should be reported or discussed with a professional. Ideally, you can discuss your dilemma with a colleague you can trust.


Your intuition will help you find the obstacles that lie ahead. Clarity of vision will help you see what is needed to achieve your goals. Trust your instincts even if it pushes you to change plans in the rush of the moment or take a different path than normal.


Once you decide what you want to do, you will not stop. In addition to being careful, there is determination in the air that will make everyone sit down and notice you. This can lead to a worthwhile achievement. Just do not go to extremes and remember that work should be balanced with free time.


Legal and contractual issues will be discussed in detail. You have a lot to think about and therefore will not want to make any important decisions today. You certainly do not feel ready to make any dramatic changes. Spending time with a quiet friend will add serenity to your day.


You are worried and need some space. Being housed within four walls for a long time will make you feel nervous and claustrophobic. Whatever your plans are, you will be better off outside than inside. It may seem like life is getting too serious and you want to get away from the routine and responsibility.