Horoscope for February 12 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 12 by Russell Grant


You will try to keep your mind in the present, but you will feel more relaxed when you are able to let your mind wander. Memories of past vacations and thoughts of future travel possibilities will occupy your mind.


You are disappointed by the impatience of some people. It's not a good idea to cut corners to get things done even though they seem to think it is. You know there will be trouble ahead because of their poor craftsmanship. You prefer to take your time.


There will be progress and it will surprise you. You had expected to face a difficult task. People will offer you help and support because you have a way of making everything sound so interesting. The right kind of help makes a big difference.

The crab

Any legal issues related to your current concerns have dragged on much longer than you would have liked. News suggests that these will be cleared by the end of the week and you have hope that people will stick to their promises.


The friends you are talking to understand how you are. They understand how concerned you are about a private matter. You had hoped to receive the results of an application, interview or exam. Keep telling yourself that the wait will be over soon.


It would be more helpful to get things done if a housemate or co-worker was more cooperative. You are tired of hearing their complaints. If the people around you shared your sense of responsibility, you wouldn't have so many problems.


An offer that comes as a surprise will be your chance to win through a wider variety of experience. This is something you've been wishing for, but now the opportunity is here, ask yourself if it's what you really want. If you let your nerves get the best of you, you will lose.


You still haven't decided what you want to do after a recent tense incident. People are pressuring you to act. You won't be pushed into doing anything you're not comfortable with or feel ready for. You will finally find something that has been hard to find.


Be careful who you trust. Get a second opinion if you are unsure about anything. When signing contracts, make sure you know and understand all the implications of the wording. Someone missing from your life comes to your mind. You want to talk to them again. Close your eyes and imagine what they would say to you if they were still around.


Something is happening that makes you tense and nervous. You don't usually feel this sensitive. It can help to talk to someone you trust. Take your time to double-check everything that's important or leave it until you're better able to focus.


You have decided what you want to do. You know this is right for you and no one will be able to talk you out of it no matter how hard they try. The passage of time alone allows you to feel free to pursue the feelings buried deep within.


You will happily leave some work and responsibilities for another day if you can manage it. You'd rather get lost in your imagination.