Horoscope for March 12 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 12 by Russell Grant


Someone who is able to help or advise you on how to start a project seems unwilling to commit. Eventually they will care. Until then, exercise patience and focus on other matters. It would be worth the wait.


Discuss your hopes, ideas, dreams and frustrations and you will find a sympathetic ear. Don't worry about what others think. Let your guard down and share your feelings with others.


One person from a special team you created will leave. Regardless of the reasons for their departure, there will be sadness. There is always respect and gratitude for those who have led the way. Some may return. New rules are being put in place.

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You may not be in the mood to deal with some issues but you have no choice. Even if someone offers to do you a favor, in business and finance, it would be better to do it yourself. If they get distracted or put it off, it's you who may suffer as a result. Applications should be sent well in advance of the deadlines.


It may be nothing more than a whim or a fantasy, but something will prompt you to return to a decision made regarding some future plans. Before you tell others, think about it. Your judgment is not as sound as usual and you are allowing doubts and fears to get in the way.


When you are with those closest to you, force yourself to be open with them. Even if you secretly think you'd rather keep your thoughts to yourself, ignore that urge. It will help build bonds if you talk about your thoughts and feelings.


Positive feedback on your ideas will keep you alive. Your confidence inspires others around you as people begin to realize the extent of your talents and abilities. Your monthly income is increasing.


An older colleague seems to think he knows more than you. You may not agree. However, you don't want to start an argument and the way to win the day is to use more subtle means, which this person doesn't seem good at.


If you can get yourself in the right frame of mind, there will be ample opportunity to mingle with friends, share news and views, catch up on social media posts, and respond to texts and emails. Procrastinating too much can make you feel tired. Use this opportunity to have as much mental activity as possible.


A common financial issue has been occupying your mind and keeping you up at night. Once you have the opportunity to talk about recent worries with your partner, the anxiety will ease.


It's a great time to let your imagination run wild. Your ability to enter or even exit almost any situation is fantastic. Being able to display your skills with charm and humor gives you another thrill.


Don't keep all your great ideas to yourself. You have some creative thoughts to share and people want to listen. New projects are about to begin and you are mentally prepared for the challenges that these may bring. Joining forces with creative people is the way to achieve something special.