Horoscope for October 11 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for October 11 by Russell Grant


A partner or close friend seems to think that everything they are doing is far more important than anything you are involved in. It hurts that they are not even interested in asking you how you feel or if you really want to help them. It is not right for you to continue to set aside your feelings for them.


It will be a big dilemma when you find out that your partner has not been honest. End the relationship or another opportunity? If you have been terribly honest with yourself, it will be difficult to understand and accept why he has deceived you.


You are taking a different approach to teamwork. You are using your energy and strength very carefully, so it works in your favor. Not only will a consistent approach work well for you, but it has benefits for your team.


A mature and successful person is ready to take you under his wing. There is much you can learn from him. Finding something that inspires you will make you feel much better.


A colleague will give some good tips on how to deal with a career problem. She knows what she is talking about. Job responsibilities will increase. You feel this already and that is why you will be dealing with unfinished business.


An important deadline is approaching and you are wondering if you will be able to reach it. You still have a lot to do, but taking an independent approach may be what is slowing you down. Get help from people who are known to be practical and efficient and you will do the job well.


Some people seem to think they can make all the decisions for you. This cannot continue like this. Some of the decisions you have to make yourself. An older relative is trying to control your life and your relationships. Do not give him this right anymore.


You are put in a difficult position after someone has told you a secret. You are usually intuitive and can feel it when there is something wrong, but this time you will have to lie to a friend. Has anyone shared this information with you in order to manipulate the situation?


It's one of those days when no matter how careful, how organized or how much practice you try to be, something will come out to mess up the whole situation. One way to move forward will be to stay in the shadows. Also if you keep some of your activities secret you will move forward much faster.


You are being offered the opportunity to meet someone you think might be a good friend or romantic partner. Show your true feelings. Be yourself and close friendships will flourish throughout the day.


The amount of impact you have on a group situation will surprise you. People are asking you for advice and guidance. With your help a creative project will be launched. You also need some time to deal with a sudden problem at home. Someone who is overly sensitive get specialized treatment.


You are far from a goal and it will seem as if with the help of your partner you will achieve it faster. Someone may not seem to do enough for you, but that is not true. This is a person who would easily leave you for someone else without thinking twice. Look at it carefully!