Horoscope for June 11 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for June 11 by Russell Grant


You are trying to concentrate, but do not be surprised if your thoughts tend to wander in a world of their own. If you can not stay focused, postpone issues that need analysis and consideration once again. Give your imagination time and you will find better ideas.


You feel disappointed that someone who recommends you to a friend turns out not to be a trustworthy person. You had trusted this recommendation. Don’t blame yourself if you probably expect too much from them.


The commitments you have made have begun to bother you. Feel insecure about what you have undertaken as this is already proving too much for you. You would prefer more freedom of choice than you currently have. In order for other people to understand, you need to say what you have in mind.


Praise is coming to you from a superior for all your recent work. It's a good time to make new friends. It may be necessary to devote some time and effort to learning new routines. Be prepared for some surprising developments in your professional or personal life.


You follow the rules if you can see the reason behind them. You do not like to go against those with authority, but that may be what you will have to do today. If someone in senior management positions has decided to change routines that have worked well so far, speak up.


You are not yet sure how, but a private matter seems to have been made public. You need to learn how to handle this. Do not feel compelled to answer someone's questions, just to satisfy their curiosity.


You are worried if you have made a wrong investment. Sit down and resist the urge to make a hasty judgment. Help given to a charity cause either through time, skills or money will be surprisingly satisfying. Do not be surprised if they invite you to a new group.


The group activities you were looking forward to are no longer exciting you. Feel that you have no desire to go out with them, perhaps because of Covid rules and fear of the virus. Stay where you feel best.


Some people do not understand why you hate to be deprived of your freedom. You do not have time to answer all their calls or to respond to their constant requests. When a manipulative friend or relative tries to take over your life, your natural reaction will be to run in the opposite direction.


Those in charge of a team effort expect twice as much work from you. You do not like to cut short, but it is the only way to meet a deadline.


Having more confidence in your talent will improve your future. Prepare well in advance and you will not be disappointed with the outcome of a meeting or interview. Make sure you do not sell yourself cheap. After a busy and demanding week, all you will want to do, tonight, is rest. Relax and commit as little as possible.


You do not have to partner with anything you feel insecure about just because that is what people expect. If you see flaws in a project, speak up and share your opinion. It will be a relief to find out that someone else was thinking the same thing and this issue will be addressed in a serious and practical way.