Horoscope for March 11 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for March 11 by Russell Grant


Relax before committing to a long-term deal. More options will open for you. Play a waiting game. If you hold the throne for starting new projects, stay busy, keep networking and wait until you feel the best time to start. You need to know that the people whose skills are needed are available.


It's hard to be vigilant when you're not sure how others will receive your comments. If you're in a relationship, or hoping to meet someone new to your world, just be yourself. Once you set the pace in such a way, you will be surprised by the warm and wonderful response you will receive.


You may have to wait longer than you thought to get the information you hope to complete a certain job. This is annoying when technology should make it easier. Broken devices are not helping. At least no one is pressuring you and you can get on with other things in the meantime.

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It's a good time to start laying the groundwork if you want to find a better job or seek greater recognition for your skills. Different details are disclosed by different parties. You have to pick your way through them all to decide what is important and what can be discarded.


A colleague or family member will add a sparkle to your days thanks to their creative thinking. Follow their ideas. Some will not be as crazy as they may seem. A cycle in your life is about to end and you can expect rewards for past actions.


Get ready for a lot of hard work. This is what is expected of you and if you are hoping for help, forget it. People will suddenly have other things to do. If you feel an injustice is happening, be clear in your mind about all the reasons why your requests for change are justified before you open negotiations.


A job you've been working on that you expected to take time will turn out to be surprisingly easy. This project is getting more interesting and all because of your creativity and great ideas. In addition to developing existing interests, it is worth doing everything to learn new skills.


A clash of thoughts between you and your partner or someone close will be related to finances. You suddenly find yourself at odds with people you normally get along with, and your ability to see all sides of an argument is strained. Harmony will be restored more easily if you accept and agree on some issues.


Rumors of the area imply that there will be a change of neighbors in the not too distant future. You may be wary of new people entering your social circle, but once you get to know them you'll wonder why you ever had reason to doubt their friendship. Be ready to give a warm welcome to any new person who enters your life.


A deal has been made, but optimism will be balanced. This is a difficult time as you are looking at the prospect of some areas of your life progressing, but other aspects must be put on hold for the time being.


Keep conversations stress-free. Whether it's about money, politics or religion, be tempted to express your thoughts and feelings. It's not a good time to be in the spotlight. No matter how strong it may be, resist the urge to double down on an old disagreement.


Family life is undergoing a transformation. This will make you feel happier, more satisfied and more confident. It will be necessary to consider the financial implications of the plans you are making now. You should discuss your thoughts with others, or get professional advice.