Horoscope for January 11 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 11 by Russell Grant


You have an important job to do, but the more you try, the more mistakes you seem to make and the more nervous you become. You have trouble concentrating and your thoughts are all over the place. Working with like-minded others who share the same goal will be the best way to get things done.


If you go into something new without special expectations, it will be easier to cope. A creative friend will suggest a great way to promote your career prospects. Don't hesitate to mix a little work with fun.


Ignore people who seek to put you down every chance they get. You've ignored their comments until now, so why let them bother you today? If you are happy with your life, relationships and decisions, it doesn't matter what other people may think and say.

The crab

Many people will be disappointed and some will be angry if a project that has already cost a lot is scrapped. The pressure is on those responsible to announce a decision. When no one knows what's going on, rumors will abound. Is it all speculation? You should know.


Long-term planning will give you more control over your future. Take some time to discuss ideas with the people around you. A new level of understanding improves a relationship. It's easier to get along knowing you share similar beliefs and interests with a new friend or partner.


Trivial matters have begun to weigh you down. Even if friends and colleagues don't seem concerned when the same problems keep coming up, you intend to solve these issues completely. For your peace of mind, even matters that may not seem important should be resolved once and for all.


You have a lot of respect for an elderly relative and enjoy the time you get to spend with them. What will be frustrating is how stubborn it can be. You will have a proposal to make to them. They are not willing to accept any support.


You know a group's strengths and weaknesses just as you know what you do well and what you do poorly. Put it all together and there's a lot you can achieve together. A business manager will provide you with support. Teamwork is the secret of your success.


Your mission today seems to be to calm people who get overly emotional, nervous, or anxious. You are blessed with the ability to analyze life in a philosophical way and that is why you can see why some people make certain decisions and take certain actions.


In important transactions and negotiations, consider appointing an agent or representative to work on your behalf. Although friends will try to help when you need business advice, they may not really know what they're talking about. Consult a professional.


Finances are improving. This will make you a little less worried about the future. Whether it's a career-related bonus that puts money in your pocket, a new job offer or a windfall, it couldn't have come at a better time. You're excited to start some home improvements.


Working on anything that requires imagination will bring out the best in you. Be sure to follow the inspiring ideas that come to your mind. Get started on a creative project now while you have energy and enthusiasm. Cultivate your creativity.