Horoscope for February 10 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 10 by Russell Grant


A wave of optimism and anticipation will wash over you as the weekend's events become more interesting, intriguing and exciting. It doesn't matter what job you will be given, as this is your chance to show your expertise.


You have a better understanding of some of the issues other people have gone through. You can see how you can help them avoid similar problems in the future. You've learned a lot lately, and that makes you feel more prepared for whatever may lie ahead.


Travel, whether it's a vacation, visiting friends far away or a business trip, will be both fun and relaxing. In addition to this chance to relax, you can use this opportunity to see life in general from a new perspective.

The crab

Someone is waiting for a response to a proposal they recently made to you. Your excuse is that you haven't had enough time to think about it, when really you're trying to think of a way to turn them down without causing too much frustration.


You will get good publicity by confidently expressing your thoughts and feelings. Getting involved in new group projects will excite you. Sharing your ideas will be rewarded with some spectacular results. Even if you have some doubts, act as if you believe that nothing can go wrong.


Friends expect you to be honest when you share your views; you are not sure you want to share them. You don't want to offend an old colleague with your opinion.


You have no idea why someone who was once a friend suddenly turns against you. They will refuse to explain why they are now so hostile and hurtful. You would never have thought that they could behave like this. Visiting a favorite relative will take your mind off this person.


You can improve your chances at an interview or important business meeting by thinking about the kind of image you want to present to others. Someone you know and care about is involved in a strange incident that makes you rethink your position.


You are busy doing errands for relatives and will be happy to help anyone in need. This will take you to different places and situations. Don't be surprised if you talk to some interesting people.


It will come as no surprise when you are asked to take a leadership role in a fundraising event or volunteering exercise. You have a lot of experience behind you which makes you perfect for this job. After some time away, you're ready to return to the many community activities.


The behavior, questions and comments of a friend or colleague have started to irritate you. You have a strong feeling that they will cause trouble. You've seen something similar happen before and know from experience that it's best to stay away from it.


You may need to make a change of environment or profession. A friend's suggestion to go somewhere fast will be a great temptation. At the same time there is work to be done and this cannot be overlooked. There will be other occasions to have fun.