Horoscope for November 10 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 10 by Russell Grant


People look to you to take control of a situation that lacks focus and organization. You are a born leader and will face this challenge with determination to succeed. There's a lot of work ahead of you, but nothing you can't handle with ease.


Putting your skills to work gives you an attractive glow. Go ahead with anything that requires creativity and imagination. Immerse yourself in an exciting hobby. Whether it's creating artwork or researching your family tree, you'll be motivated to showcase your talent.


You're looking for an excuse to get out of a commitment that's starting to feel restrictive. There will be ways to break free. There will also be some objections from someone who expects you to always be there for them. It's time to encourage them to stand on their own two feet.

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You have strong feelings about a situation and you won't be silent. Someone in a high position would not have expected you to have such strong views or sound knowledge on the subject. Relaxation, later, can be found by seeing friends or going out with family.


Lower expectations. A prize that is up for grabs in a contest will really appeal to you. You may need to join forces with a talented friend to increase your chances of success.


You will deal with unresolved issues that require concentration. These will be prey on your mind until they are gone. Be prepared to work at a slow, careful but steady pace. You're ready to go public with an idea you've been developing for a while. It is the right time to reveal your plans.


You may suddenly remember a conversation that happened a while ago. This occurred to you for a reason. What you were told then may be useful now. Whatever your plans are for today, you'll want to jump right into them because you're determined to get results.


If you are waiting for the results of a test or examination, try to find something else to think about, or to calm your nerves. Information you had expected to receive on an educational or health matter may be delayed. In these circumstances, none can be more good news.


Don't hesitate to share your views if someone asks for your opinion. You are likely to respond in a thoughtful way and by the end of the day you will have carved yourself a new position in their estimation.


You like to work independently. You are also working well in a team and it will be as a result of a new partnership, or some other collaborative effort that you will make a career move.


Luck is flowing to you, but you will have to be careful. Positive interaction within the workplace will be key to business success. You can cooperate with any supporting company. This in itself is a good reason to gather friends and family around you.


After a dispute early in the morning, the atmosphere will become more harmonious later. You will begin to feel more comfortable with colleagues who have been reserved, or disapproving of late. If you are wondering about this sudden change, it will be as a direct result of witnessing your success in handling a difficult situation.