Horoscope for November 10 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for November 10 by Russell Grant


Someone has let you down and it's making you suspicious of everyone else. Expect a joint project to go wrong, because you're remembering a time when similar deals were canceled. Your defensive behavior is starting to put other people down. It's time to stop being so unbelieving.


You may be making money, but if you're not happy in your job, it might be time to think about a change. The true test of career success lies in the question: are you following your passion? If there is no chance to do the job you love, at least find more time for a favorite hobby.


You and a family member are not talking to each other. The atmosphere between you is tense and this will make you feel miserable. Be the first to extend an olive branch. By showing that you care and want to make things right, the resentment will begin to fade from your relationship.

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A colleague, or a friend who has done you a favor recently, now requires something from you. You wonder if they have an ulterior motive. They shouldn't use an act of kindness as leverage to manipulate you into giving in to them. If you don't want to get involved, stand your ground.


Your charm is attractive to people at the best of times. Currently, shine positively. You may not feel much different, but you will notice how you are gaining the attention of people who normally don't notice you. It's a great day to take care of your romantic interests. Why deny yourself a little pleasure?


You wonder if you can handle a challenge you recently took on. If mistakes are made, treat it as a learning experience. Seek the support of someone with more experience and this could be the start of a wonderful friendship. Even the most challenging situation will have its positive side.


Stop being so hasty. There are jobs you might want to get out of the way because you're not enjoying them. Now that you have taken them on, you should do your best to complete the job to a fairly high standard. In the future, don't accept deals that make you unhappy.


A money mess is making you doubt someone's honesty. Their excuses due to shared financial problems may seem weak to you. If you think there has been some deliberate deception, phrase your questions carefully. If someone gets defensive, they are unlikely to give you the information you need to remedy the situation.


A colleague or a neighbor has a secret and you're wondering if there's something going on that you should know about. It is for this reason that you will dig deeper, investigate and keep a careful eye on the situation. You are not loud. You are looking after your own interests.


You and a partner can get through a difficult time by working with each other to find a way to resolve your differences. Once you've agreed to a compromise, be ready to start over. If abandoning social plans disappoints someone, so be it. You should take care of your close relationships while you have a chance.


Discussions between you and your partner are honest and open. If joint financial arrangements don't work, this may mean opening separate bank accounts. This will give you more control over your personal finances. You can manage this problem without having to go to different routes.


Be careful to bring back an old spark in your life. Ask yourself why they are suddenly interested in you again. It could be because you are with someone new and he is secretly jealous. Don't let anyone destroy what you have now. You deserve happiness.