Horoscope for May 10 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for May 10 by Russell Grant


You have big dreams for the future. If you lack the tools to accomplish this, this can be easily remedied. A study course or seminar will be the first step towards improving your skills. The unknown will attract you now, as well as the attraction of traveling to unknown places and reconnecting with your spiritual side.


After a series of ups and downs, you are starting to feel like you are finally managing to come together in tune. If other people are involved in the arrangements you are making now, they will quickly agree with your decisions.


If you keep pushing yourself too hard, you will get overwhelmed. Delegating responsibilities will be a step in the right direction. Do not feel guilty when you agree that you should share a portion of your workload. Once the pressure is relieved, your health will improve. It makes no sense to risk your health for the sake of a career.


You may be determined to do something unusual, but you can only find yourself in it. There will not be much support from those around you. You may be surprised that an adventurous friend shows a little enthusiasm for your suggestions. This may be because they would like to be the ones who had that idea.


The new commitments you are making are important to you. If others who showed an initial interest are no longer so eager, they may find something else. You want to do a good job with everything you take on, even if it means learning new skills or studying a subject you do not know much about.


The responsibilities are great. It does not help that you are expected to continue with work that you do not want to do. Keep your complaints to yourself as it will turn out that others around you also feel under pressure. All you can do is smile and be patient while waiting for easier times ahead.


Launching a joint creative project will be extremely rewarding. You will feel as if the Universe is covering you with gifts. There has never been a better time to start a new relationship. If you already have a partner and have been together for years, you are ready to rediscover the passion for each other.


Be patient with a stubborn relative who refuses to listen to the voice of reason. They will finally come to your mind. Diplomacy is essential in all relationships. A colleague who is shirking responsibilities may associate with someone in power who will take his side, even if it seems extremely unfair.


A job will seem to run into problems one after another and you may start to wonder if you will ever finish it. There are plenty of other things to do. For now leave it on hold. This may seem like an easy way out, but new tactics may be needed and you need time to explore another way to approach this task.


Someone has not been very organized. The work they should have done earlier is still standing and this will cause confusion and confusion. You are upset that these tasks were not performed and you are angry that you expected more from this person. One lesson from this is knowing that some people are not as responsible as they think they are.


It does not matter if it is money, a job offer or a relationship issue that is on your mind, what is important is that you carefully consider your options. Think about everything you can afford before agreeing to a long-term deal or commitment. You can not understand why someone feels angry about an issue that seems trivial to you.


You just need time to seriously consider an important issue. A difficult decision has to be made. Someone thinks they can persuade you to agree with what they have already decided, but you would rather think for yourself. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.