Horoscope for January 10 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for January 10 by Russell Grant


It's unusual for you, but noisy and crowded situations are distracting you. You're trying to focus, but you can't seem to break away from all the noise and activity going on around you. Normally you can ignore it and focus on the matter at hand, but not today.


Don't leave it any longer to finalize plans that have been discussed for a long time. A compromise will be necessary. If you remain stubborn, negotiations will reduce your options. The iron strikes while it is hot. You don't have another chance.


There is little understanding in the workplace. You understand why everyone is unhappy, but instead of complaining, you can see the solution. All you need now is to find someone who will listen, who will accept your ideas and act on them.

The crab

Canceling or cutting back on a work or volunteer program will upset many people. This project had potential even though it was never going to be finished soon. Even so, it's going well and it doesn't seem right or fair that those in high places are threatening to end it.


With materials, equipment and other costs rising, this is not a good time to approach your boss for a raise. If you're in business, finances are a big priority. Even if necessary, it may not be possible to authorize a technological upgrade.


Unforeseen changes have altered your perception of a recent situation. After taking into account the new information, you will change this important issue. Don't feel guilty about it. Talking about a past event will make you realize how difficult it was for you.


The bills are paid. You and other members of your family must agree how these will be paid. If you ignore a partner's desire to discuss finances, they will start to feel bitter and angry. One person cannot be expected to carry the load for everyone else.


Let common sense be your guide in legal, financial and business transactions. If you're selling something you no longer need, make sure you get a fair price. Ignore any tale of woe intended to appeal to your sensitive side. You have to drive a hard and fair bargain.


You know that soon you will need the support and cooperation of your family and colleagues, and therefore you will be patient with people who annoy you. However, arguments over trivial matters are beginning to frustrate you.


You will only feel anxious if you stick to something of a routine nature. You want and need something more stimulating. If you are able to use your imagination and be creative, you will get more out of your day.


A friend who has shown too much interest in your personal affairs oversteps his bounds. They must know where the boundaries are. They're trying to be helpful, but you really don't need their advice.


You're trying to stay calm, which isn't easy when you're dealing with some impatient people. It's important to have everything in place before you present anything. Mistakes can be avoided by refusing to be rushed.