Horoscope for February 1 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for February 1 by Russell Grant


An elderly relative will insist that he knows what is best for everyone. They have a big influence on a decision that is being made within the family. All you can do is hope they know what they're doing. Some family plans will be reconciled later.


You can help a friend or colleague save some time, money or effort if only they will listen to you. They just don't want to listen to your advice. Maybe they should learn from their mistakes. Whatever choice they make should be the best for them in the long run.


There are some people who can't do enough for you. At the same time, there are others who are always there. You are beginning to understand who your true friends are and you will not be late in showing your gratitude.

The crab

An issue you thought was unimportant is now causing a big fight. You are beginning to understand how stubborn a friend or colleague can be. Since they won't change their minds, you have to work to find a compromise.


The demands, expectations and commands of others are getting in the way of your plans. You can't direct your energy in the directions you want until you resolve some disagreements. You might wish you had never made some commitments, but now you have and you need to find a way out of them.


You might wish you had taken on a task that you hadn't before. It may have seemed complicated and scary, but it turns out to be surprisingly easy. Your health deserves more thought, even to organize some form of daily exercise.


You're in the mood to break away from routine responsibilities. This will lead to an impulsive decision to do something completely different. If someone objects or complains, just shrug and tell them you don't want to know.


Someone with skills and knowledge that you respect will offer you help with a job. Their support will make this a less daunting prospect and although they will eventually let you complete the task on your own, you will be grateful for their help.


Sometimes you need to jump in before you look and trust that the Universe will lead you in the right direction. The only way to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity will be to jump at it the moment it presents itself.


Stick to your devices (phone, computer, laptop) and ignore people who seem to think they can do a task better than you. However well-intentioned they may be, their advice is not necessary. You can do this without anyone else's help or intervention.


Think carefully before accepting a new job offer. A task you didn't think would come to you will keep you behind the scenes. Is this something you really want? It may not suit your current needs, or your personality.


A team effort seems to be getting you nowhere. You can see where, how and why things are going wrong. If others allow you to take the lead, progress will begin to be seen. If they continue as they are, you'd rather not get involved.