Horoscope for December 1 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for December 1 by Russell Grant


You will find it quite easy to manage a variety of situations. Thanks to your quick thinking, many issues will be addressed and can be resolved by the end of the day. You are dealing with problems in a practical, complete and effective way.


You have a lot to look forward to. Careful planning and preparation will ensure that a festive event you are helping to organize goes smoothly. Progress will be slow, but it will be to your liking. Someone in the family will share some good news on an issue for which you have crossed your fingers.


The tasks you are expected to perform will be more of a mental nature than a physical one. Make sure you are not distracted by other activities happening around you. It will be helpful to keep your mind at work. Pay attention to detail. Constructive advice provided by an older colleague will encourage thinking.


Your thoughts are leading you to all sorts of opportunities for the future. You are determined to bring back to life those wishes you have had for yourself for some time. You are hoping for the best, but the experiences of recent years make you worry that you will be disappointed. Stay positive. Stay hopeful.


Family disputes are causing stress and tension. You do not want the debate to continue and yet a relative is angry about an issue that continues to be discussed. A compromise must be found so that this can be left behind. For the sake of peace, you can even agree to let them go their own way.


Expect to receive complaints that you are very slow but the opposite happens. People are beginning to respect the practical and precise way you handle your responsibilities. A housing issue will have a positive outcome. Those in power have heard the arguments and will make a fair decision.


Ask lots of questions if you are confused about a job issue. Do not hesitate to seek help or advice. At work or in a study environment, stay on top of all tasks and keep those in power informed of your progress. Someone who is very close to you will make a life-changing decision.


There will be agreement on one or two issues within a group, but will that be enough? Beyond this initial agreement there will be a number of issues still to be resolved between you. A team must agree internally before attempting to get external bodies to recognize them as an effective organization.


The possibility of a promotion is possible. Even if you did not make plans in this regard, a new job offer may come to you. There will be progress. Maybe not as much as you hoped, but you are taking steps forward, which is good. Do something to really make an event you are organizing your own.


It is not easy to continue to be distracted by people who seem to be in constant need of your help, advice or guidance. What makes this even worse is that most of them can solve most of their problems on their own if they just make a little effort.


You had supported the idea of ??adding new technologies to your environment, but the new devices seem to be of no use to anyone. You still do not know what to do or how to do it. Talking to an old colleague is not the solution as they have no clear idea of ??the function of a new device.


Some recent overspending may make you wonder how you will manage financially in the coming weeks. Talk about it with other members of your family and it will be possible to cut costs without having a huge impact on Christmas plans already made.