Monthly horoscope Gemini - Cancer

Monthly horoscope Gemini - Cancer


This month presents new opportunities for you, Gemini. If you've worked hard to complete a project, let the world know about your involvement and celebrate what you've been able to achieve. If you are planning to start a new venture, be clear about the direction you want to take. This month encourages action and experimentation, preparing you for a more behind-the-scenes role next month. The new moon on March 10 highlights your career and achievement area. Do something to signify a new beginning in this area of ​​your life. You are destined to shine, so don't dim your light! This month's full moon, March 25, is an eclipse and will spotlight your area of ​​self-expression and creativity. Try engaging in listening to a podcast or reading a book, something you usually avoid.

The crab

Get ready for a busy month, Cancer. You likely have a lot on your shoulders and a wealth of ideas. Whether you're learning new skills or trying to maximize your abilities, you'll feel tired. If you feel motivated and your workload is manageable, enjoy this productive phase while you can. If you feel overwhelmed or stressed at any moment, seek peace by taking a shower or taking a walk by the sea. Spending time around water should bring you peace. The New Moon on March 10 brings out your aspect of adventure and expansion. This is a good time to seek new inspiration. Consider taking a trip to a new environment or enrolling in a course of study to improve your skills. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 25 activates your home and family sector, signaling a well-deserved break after a hectic few weeks – enjoy!