Aquarius-Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius-Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week of July 8 - 14, you will engage in more serious tasks related to the resolution of various personal or family issues through a state, bank, tax or other institution.

It is possible that during the week a person from your circle of relatives will have serious problems at work and this will be a reason for conversations and discussions about the created situation.

During these seven days, problems in your home will come and go quickly. Internal problems, where they arise, will have a quick solution, without great expense or serious consequences.

During the week, be careful when buying a gift (if you need one). It is possible to buy something that you will not only not like, but can also be taken as an insult or a manifestation of bad taste.

During this week, most of you will attend a meeting on a pleasant occasion or of an important nature.
If you are involved in a court or legal case, then the week will be favorable for their development.

During this week, be careful with actions related to property matters, especially documents. Be careful what you sign and what you get.

Boys and girls will have a more favorable week than the one that passed. New people will appear in your life, who will come with new knowledge, new ideas and skills. Your income will be important this week.
Men will have to act more carefully, wait for the development of events and not provoke anything or anyone. The slow development of events this week should not worry you, as there is some meaning that you have not yet understood. Many will remember this week with an emotional or important event involving a woman who in some cases may be older than you.

Women will go through a period of confusion, due to many ambiguities, contradictory information about various important events, attempts to manipulate you with unverified information, etc. If you manage to avoid these pitfalls, which will cost you wasted energy and time, then you can have an interesting week and leave a mark on your week. Last but not least, you will also experience different emotions related to your child or grandchild.


During the week of July 8 - 14, you will have the opportunity to make new and useful acquaintances with people from near and far.
It is possible that your contacts with them will be related to any proposal for joint activity or work.

During these seven days, carefully accept news and information that may be of particular importance to you, regardless of how it appears at first.

During this week, do not seek answers to questions related to past unpleasant experiences, losses or conflicts.
Whatever it is, let it stay there in your past. Even if you missed something then, it was no accident. Maybe it was the only way to get rid of something that for some reason had no place in your life.
During this week, you may be pleased with a gift, or a gesture of attention from a loved one.

Some of you will buy a gift for someone celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other big occasion.
This will be a favorable week for refreshing the home, for purchases related to home comfort and for solving various property issues.
Complications or obstacles related to a contract or any financial document are not excluded.

Boys and girls will look for and find ways to have fun, to put themselves in a good mood, to escape from problems. Although for most of you it will be vacation time, this week will be very busy with various tasks or commitments that will require a serious attitude on your part. You may consider new opportunities related to your education, profession or career in which you are engaged.
Men will have a favorable time when they will be able to successfully implement their plans, ideas or tasks. You may receive expected or unexpected help from close people. You will have the opportunity to solve some problems, improve relations with close people or create new, useful contacts. Many good things can happen to you this week, but all this will also depend on your radiance, adapting to different people and circumstances, looking positively to the future, regardless of the specific, current situation in your life.

Women will have to devote more time to their family and relatives, where new tasks and commitments will arise almost every day. Those related to the health of a loved one or more serious care for this person are not excluded.