Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week, try not to let the difficulties that arise scare you or stop your actions. Adapt as quickly as possible to the changes or new circumstances that will arise during these seven days.

Your plans will develop in the right direction, despite the obstacles you have to overcome.

This week, a news or experience will make you evaluate things in your life in a different way.

The week brings more problems and tasks at home, but almost all of them will be doable within these seven days.

This will be a favorable time for changes at home, moving to a new house, staying somewhere else, etc.

In your work and business, the week will be quite favorable for you if you manage to present yourself in a way that attracts success and money: innovative decisions and actions, more work on the farm or in business, etc.

You may have special expectations for this week. The inability to realize them now should not disappoint or depress you. Their time will come. Your future is pre-planned in the best way. Don't create chaos in your life with acts of impatience.

The week heralds more meetings, trips for sightseeing purposes, etc.

Your love life will not be boring, but it will still depend on who you are looking for and what you want.

Try to enjoy what you have now and avoid illusions or following your desires and whims.

Boys and girls will remember this week with pleasant experiences with friends or classmates, with whom you can organize meetings or different trips in short or longer distances. In such emotional experiences, safety measures should be important, both during the journey and where you are going. A more specific commitment related to education, career or business will arise during the week, depending on your personal commitment. The unexpected development of some events this week will worry you and put you in a position to seek answers to various mysteries.

Men will receive unpleasant news from a short distance, most likely related to the health condition of a person they know. Such an event will inevitably cause you sadness and emotional pain. In love or in personal life, it will be good to obey the opinion and desire of the woman you have by your side, if you don't want to put your relationship to a test for which you will actually be unprepared. This week brings interesting and important news or information about a contract, document, etc.

Women will experience personal satisfaction from a man's success. Good events and experiences can happen in your family and in your circle of relatives. During this week, avoid cheating or manipulating other people to get what you want, especially if your actions are related to travel or people from other cities.


During the week you will have useful and important conversations or meetings with people from other cities and countries.

First of all, they will be related to your material or financial interests, general activity and others.

During this week, your financial matters will require attention. Unexpected money for your family budget or an increase in income in your family is possible.

This will be a favorable week for travel, especially if you have a specific goal or are traveling for work.

Boys and girls can spend a very positive week in which they will find answers to difficult questions, solve complex situations, harmonize important relationships. It will have a very good impact on your inner affairs this week for you and you can put more energy into various things important to your family. During this week, avoid any conflict or complicated situation in which you can be offended, mistreated, emotionally hurt, which will then be the cause of a short but unpleasant depression.

Men will consider their future actions. In the financial plan, this will be a favorable week for the conclusion of a profitable contract, salary increase, as well as other favorable changes through the appearance of other sources of income.

Women will have to go somewhere with a gift. It is possible to talk about important financial matters with a man who is both in your family and with someone with whom you work together or have a joint business. During the week, avoid situations of opposition or tension in important relationships.