Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week, through news or various information that you will receive from near or far, you will make plans for the future.

It could be an idea or proposal for a job, a freelance business, or another personal project.

During the week you will have a dynamic communication with a person from any institution, organization or company.

Be careful with your financial expenses. Do not rely on promises of receiving money, regardless of their source.

This mainly applies to those of you who are currently unemployed.

Some unpleasant arguments or conflicts will arise in your personal life, where you may say unpleasant things to each other or exchange accusations.

However, clearing such negative emotions from you will help you stabilize your relationship or at least have a clearer idea of ​​how stable and sincere your partnership is.

During this week in your work you will experience interesting moments regarding colleagues or clients.

Let the boys and girls use these seven days for a better and practical planning of the work with which they must engage in the coming months. Don't downplay the importance of any of your tasks or commitments. You can get advice, but it would also be good to listen to your inner voice. Some unexpected events during the week will present you with a difficult choice or require you to defend your position more strongly. In your relationships or search for love, you may experience disappointment or a mismatch between what you seek and what you find or are given.

For men, the week brings more troubles or situations that will require willpower and patience to solve. You will have to rely on your previous experience, old friends or people who already have the necessary knowledge and experience.

Women will be impatient, angry, which is unlikely to be due to any hormonal problems. Manifestations of jealousy or attempts to control the partner will cause very unpleasant situations. Those of you who are in a newly formed or extramarital relationship will go through moments of fear, panic or find yourself in some difficult situation. Communicate very carefully with unknown persons, whose actions towards you this week will be unpredictable.


During the week, tension will arise around a trip or because of complicated events in the lives of people who live at a distance from you.

It is possible that these concerns are related to the health of your relative or friend who lives far away.

This is a difficult week to predict for travel as it brings various difficulties, delays and complications.

During the week, you will intuitively find the best solution for developing a plan or commitment regarding your child or a young person from the close environment.

The week heralds interesting news related to relatives, who will achieve success this week or experience an important event in their personal lives.

During this week, some of the surprises will be related to a decision or change in a woman's life, something that will seem interesting and promising at this stage.

Some of you, driven by your strong emotions, will make a sudden decision to change your lifestyle or clothing style.

During this week, be careful with the financial documents, with the various payments you have to make.

Boys and girls will have to take their school, university or career duties more seriously. Despite your desire to have more free time for enjoyable activities, you will need to prioritize these responsibilities. Some experiences this week will make you reflect on their meaning and if fate is sending you a message. During this week you will achieve good financial results if you work or are connected to an activity that brings you some income.

Men will direct their attention in anticipation of the development of certain events or relationships, preferring to take the role of spectators. It is possible that these situations develop at a distance from you and you are just waiting to receive information. This week has prepared many surprises and unexpected situations for you, so get ready to accept them calmly and quickly adapt to changes.

Women will have interesting meetings and conversations with friends from different distances and you can make new friendships during these seven days. People with whom you have long-term relationships will have a strong influence on your affairs and especially on your mood. Java suggests travel, mostly over a short distance.