Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week you will have to be more careful with your expenses, as some serious payments are coming that you cannot or should not postpone.

During these seven days, in the family you will have more serious conversations about your current budget, income and expenses.

You may have to travel, but an event or situation will occur that will somehow affect your good mood.

For some of you, a trip that you must undertake is possible.

During this week you will experience unexpected troubles that will actually be to your advantage, as they will show you a clearer picture of a situation related to your work or family.

During this week you will have more frequent conversations with friends.

Boys and girls will look for and find occasions for meetings with friends and will hardly refuse an invitation to such events. Spring will definitely lift your mood and make you more active. Conversations with your friends may change some of your plans for the coming months, including those related to education or career. This week brings new acquaintances that will happen through mutual friends.

Men, like it or not, will have to commit to more family duties. Difficulties will come where you will face the difficult nature of your relative, but you will have to find a diplomatic way to overcome the situation. During this week, you will naturally find a solution to some of your doubts.

Women will take on more duties and commitments related to a child, which can sometimes create tension in relationships with other members of your family. The week itself brings different opportunities, favorable for the realization of personal or professional plans.


During the week, you will have the opportunity to stabilize the family's financial affairs or arrange important documents for you related to money.

In general, your financial affairs will be able to develop favorably and to a large extent things will depend on your organization and the fulfillment of specific commitments.

During the week you will expect various meetings, but postponements are possible, both from your side and from other people.

During the week you will experience emotional disappointment. It is possible that the disappointment is related to some lie, deception, or concealment of actions.

Those of you who are not in a serious relationship at the moment will have the opportunity to lay the foundations of a new, promising love, or meet an interesting and fun person.

Boys and girls will have to listen carefully to what a close woman will try to tell them. Your initial reaction may be to dismiss everything they tell you. Give yourself time to think. During this week you will have a pleasant engagement.

Men will have a pleasant engagement with a girl, or a young woman who may be from your circle of relatives, friends or a woman you work with. The week will be remembered with some unexpected and even comical situations in your life. Unfortunately, some of them may be related to your attempts to escape from some obligation, to lie to protect yourself from some problem or other similar situation. The love relationships of those men who have a parallel relationship outside of marriage will require attention.

During this week, women will have to be on top of all the pillars of their family, on which they will rely for the education or upbringing of small children and everything else related to the home. The week brings news related to motherhood or a special event in the life of a young child. You have many interesting experiences during these seven days, which will not only be related to family matters, but will also be related to work or your public interests and duties.