Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During this week from March 11 to 17, some events and experiences will make you more optimistic in your family affairs and plans.

The appearance of new opportunities will give you hope and confidence that the difficult time is gradually beginning to pass.

During this week, show more concern for the health or personal affairs of your child or a member of your family. It is possible that they will make serious mistakes or succumb to the manipulations of someone with malicious intent, which will cost them some kind of loss or other complications.

During the week you will enjoy good news about money or you will have opportunities for new sources of income. This favorable influence on your finances will affect your whole family and it is possible that this is not only due to your efforts or work.

During the week you will be surprised by a conversation or an event related to a relative or friend.

Boys and girls will live with some special expectations for this week, but you will hardly make any specific efforts to realize them. You will be somewhat inclined to rely on other people to do the main work. This week will favor a trip with family or friends, but in the second case avoid dangerous actions while driving. The week will be remembered with an interesting communication with your friends or peers, who at this moment are at a distance from you. You will definitely have more news to share.

Men will have to show greater responsibility and concern for what is happening in the life of a person or close friend. Although you won't be in the mood to get involved with other people's problems, this week it will be important to show empathy or help as much as you can. The week brings an experience with a woman that may be related to her health, or a serious problem in her personal life.

Women will decide that they are ready for changes and improvements to their home, cottage or farm that the family owns. Those of you who have a garden will put a lot of energy and ideas into its development. In any case, your love life will not be in the background, on the contrary. Regardless of your marital status,


During the week from March 11 to 17, you will face a disappointment related to people who will not fulfill their promise or will lie to you, something that will cause you an unpleasant situation, conflict or loss.

You will understand the fact that it is better to have few but true friends than many but insecure or frivolous.

During the week you will learn unpleasant news about a person you have known for many years, but you may not be close friends or relatives.

During these seven days, be careful with your children who will be traveling, regardless of the reason. Such a trip can put your family in an unexpected and complicated situation.

If you have health problems, during this week avoid panic or excessive fear to consult a doctor. Recent events may have scared you, but your reality is different.

Those of you who will be engaged professionally during these seven days will be able to count on a good development of professional engagements and even feel proud of a job or tasks well done.

Boys and girls will have different opportunities to join friends or classmates, but don't let fun get in the way of your studies or serious commitments.

Men will have to not only make a promise, but also move on to real actions. A more responsible time to solve household problems will be this. The health of a loved one can cause concern, and the probability that he is a person from your home is very high. Some problems this week will show you that you are too committed to things or people about whom you do not have enough information.

Women will also be involved in domestic problems, with home improvements or repairs, which in most cases will be pre-planned and organized. You may have work expectations or other commitments related to a property you own. The week will favor the purchase of a vacation property for those planning such a thing.