Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope

Aquarius - Pisces weekly horoscope


During the week from February 5 to 11, you will have the desire and opportunity to meet more people, be they relatives or friends. Isolation in your home or only in your workplace will be undesirable during these seven days and will have an unpleasant effect on your health.

Most contacts during the week will give you a wealth of useful information that you can use during these seven days, or in the near future.

This will be a favorable week for romantic meetings.

During the week you will face trouble due to someone's lies or malicious actions. They may be directed specifically at you, or at someone close to you, which will affect you in some way.

However, it is possible that you yourself have made a mistake by using cheats or dishonesty, for which you will now have to pay.

During the week, you will be upset by an event or news related to a boy who has made a serious mistake. It is possible that they are related to some criminal acts, conflicts in a public place or other unpleasant situations.

During the week there will be tensions regarding the money that you will have to receive or that you will have to spend on important things for your family.

You will find it difficult to understand financial matters with the people in your house, but perhaps you are also to blame for this.

Boys and girls will suffer some disappointments or an insult, accusation from a close person, friend or classmate. You will realize how emotionally vulnerable you are when someone tells you a truth that you find yourself unprepared to respond to. You will need to ask for help, or advice from a woman.

Men will consider every step they take during these seven days. You are aware of your responsibilities and the need to approach them with due seriousness. Pleasant experiences and successes await you, the price of which only you know. Good experiences will come to those who deserve them. Opportunities will be given to those who know how to appreciate them and take advantage of them.

Women will spend a week with serious and responsible commitments, changes, making important decisions or conducting serious conversations and discussions. There may be harmony in your personal life, but it will only be thanks to your efforts. The week may please many of you with unexpected income.


During the week from February 5 to 11, it will be good to show greater sensitivity to work and commitments related to your family or home.

During these seven days, you can do many positive things in this plan, but you can make mistakes that cost you dearly.

For some of you, the week will favor selling one property and buying another, moving from one house to another or other property changes.

During the week you will have interesting and useful conversations and actions of a financial nature with women, relatives, colleagues, clients or business partners.

Arranging a financial document with a woman in your family will be important for you and will free you from some commitments or difficulties.

During these seven days, more events will occur for those who have a new child or relative living in another city or country. Frequent conversations are possible, but their nature can be very different.

During the week you will be surprised by an unpleasant news related to an event in the life of a relative or friend who has experienced an accident or a difficult situation in his personal life or at work.

During this week, events in the life of a close relative or friend who lives or works, most likely in another state or country, will be an occasion for dynamic conversations.

Boys and girls will use a large part of their time for meetings and shared experiences with relatives, friends or like-minded people. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you don't waste your time avoiding the important tasks and responsibilities that are in front of you. During these seven days, you may receive an offer or a new opportunity for exposure and advancement in education or career may arise. The week brings a small income to your personal budget.

Men will face various dilemmas related to personal or professional life, for which you will need enough time to think before making a decision or taking any action. It is possible to discuss important topics of your life with another man, either to get advice or simply to relieve strong emotions within you. During the week you will have the opportunity to plan some important events and commitments that await you in the near future.

Women will spend a week in which they will have to agree with other people's wishes or opinions. This can make you feel restricted, without enough freedom of action. During the week, property and household issues will require attention, the development or resolution of which should not be delayed. Some of you will have important contacts with representatives of a judicial or legal institution.