Weekly horoscope Aquarius - Libra

Weekly horoscope Aquarius - Libra


During the week of July 1 - 7, some unpredictable events and experiences will happen to you. Each of them will have a special development that can determine your future for years to come.

Some events this week will be related to your relatives. During these seven days, it will be important to maintain harmony and understanding in your family relationships, not to create unnecessary negative emotions around you.

During this week, you will have the opportunity to make interesting acquaintances, useful for your personal or professional life.

Specific events during this period will relieve you of a worry. You may experience temporary tension associated with a stressful situation.

In general, this should be a week in which you will experience the end or beginning of something that will be the basis of your future development. This is a week of changes, new things in your life that you will have to give a chance to develop.

Minor money-related problems may arise during the week. You may have to make a missed or late payment, etc.

Some of you will plan important affairs that will involve certain expenses.

Boys and girls will start this week with an unpleasant experience or news that will make them stand on their feet, face the realities of their lives. These events may involve a man in your family, someone in your circle of relatives, or someone for whom you have a special respect. Spend every day of this week very carefully. Be attentive and beware of unpleasant surprises, of problems that, with more care on your part, you will be able to avoid.

Men will enter this week with interesting ideas, plans or great expectations. In love, interesting experiences with the loved one can arise. Some of you can prepare a nice romantic surprise. Your main expectations for this week will definitely focus on your love life or your personal life in the marriage you may have.

Women will have to take care of either their own health or the health of a woman close to them, who may be even younger. A health problem does not have to be something serious, but it will require care and attention. During this week, there is a possibility that you will lose something or it will be taken from you for selfish purposes, with the desire to harm you.


During the week of July 1 - 7, you will experience unexpected events at work or in business. During these seven days, an opportunity for new activities may arise, you may find new clients or new colleagues may appear.

This week will be important for you in many ways. You are ready to make serious and responsible decisions about money or a financial contract.

During the week you will have meetings and conversations regarding your future actions with relatives, friends or partners.

Use this week to resolve important financial issues for you. During these days, you will be able to complete important payments or obligations.

This will be a favorable week for court and legal matters if you are involved in such.

During this week you will experience an emotional event regarding a family member. For many of you, there will be a serious reason to travel during the week or on the weekend.

This will be a favorable time to start living together.

During this period, be more responsible to yourself if you have health problems.

During the week, you will be pleased with the news or an event related to someone who lives in another city or country.

This will be a favorable week for love and intimate experiences.

During these seven days, be careful when buying things, equipment because complications, losses, failures may occur.

Boys and girls will spend a week with opportunities to perform, in the field in which they are currently accomplished, such as education, career, etc. During this week you will definitely have chances and do not miss them due to lack of will or lack of desire for a serious commitment. This will be a favorable week for travel, including short distances or visits to places of recreation outside the city where you live. Conflicts during this week will in most cases be about trivial things, but very stormy and with very strong emotions.

Men will have difficulty searching for accurate information, communicating with open or honest people, and at some point these emotions can affect you very negatively. Some ambiguity, lies or suspicious actions may also occur in your family or circle of relatives.

Women can be their own enemies this week, burdening themselves with various doubts or anger about things that have temporary importance or influence in life. During this week, you will find it difficult to communicate with your children, to understand their points of view, and you will tend to oppose their wishes more often. Of course there will be a specific reason for this emotional state, but it is not something that can be used as an excuse.