Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week of July 8 - 14, you will pay attention to sending messages or phone conversations with people from your past.

Your relationships with women will go through moments of opposition, but generally it is from women that you will receive important help in fulfilling your commitments.

During this week, your relationship with a person who is currently traveling or living far away may be cause for reflection.

Use the favorable trends of this week to arrange your affairs related to documents, financial relations between relatives.

News related to money can make you happy.

The week will be favorable for a trip, which will most likely be planned in advance.

Minor health problems are possible, which you shouldn't ignore, but you shouldn't panic either.

Boys and girls will try to put themselves in a good mood this week by buying different things, clothes or engaging in entertainment. Despite this holiday mood, under the influence of which most of you will find yourself, it will be good to devote enough time to things that are important to your family, parents and home. This will be a favorable week for you who will be busy with some exams or have important tasks related to education and career.

Men will feel an inner, inexplicable fear or anxiety about what lies ahead, what awaits them as an experience, or what they are about to commit to. You will be subjected to some gloomy and pessimistic moods, which will not help you much.

Women, especially those who have children, will have to devote more time to education, help in acquiring new knowledge or skills, support in new ventures, etc. Your ability to handle your or your family's finances will also be important during these days. The pressure from some relatives to spend what you consider inappropriate at this stage will be very great.


During the week of July 8 - 14, you will experience unpleasant or sad moments in the personal life of a friend or relative. Most likely, these events will be related to her love life, disappointments with her current partner or some kind of breakup.

The week may surprise you with an unpleasant conflict from which you will gain nothing, on the contrary! What you will lose can be quite painful and unexpected.

During the week you will plan expenses or other financial actions with a child or a young person in your family. The week will be favorable for conversations with children and young people who live far from you.

During this week you will have the opportunity to regain your old friendships, people with whom you parted unpleasantly or unpleasant circumstances. During this week, both parties will be inclined to forget the past and give your relationship a new start.

Boys and girls will tend to experience much more emotionally their inner fears or anxieties related to current or upcoming changes, exams, job interviews, etc. A person you respect can help you with advice, support or protection this week. During this week you will have the desire to buy some things for yourself, but the degree to which you will be able to afford such pleasures will be individual and will depend primarily on your personal income.

Men will try to push into their family different ideas about some innovations that can have a very good effect on everyone you live with. You can plan some small but important repairs this week, get involved in various moves and other important actions. In the financial plan, you may be satisfied with the news related to salary increase.

Women will have a good time to show their skills, to conquer with their charm important people, with whose support they will be able to realize their future projects. The friendships and acquaintances you will make this week will not be accidental and will definitely have a good influence on you or vice versa. You may have unexpected help or an unexpected meeting with a person with whom you are well acquainted, but are not close friends.