Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week, you will experience some unwanted or unexpected changes in your plans or lifestyle. Unwanted or unexpected changes this week will be a reason to reflect.

The dynamism of the week may create a sense of confusion and instability in you due to the greater volume of information you will receive. Try to choose the most important things in your life, remove the unnecessary and do not burden yourself unnecessarily.

The week heralds an important proposal or the signing of a contract that will affect your professional or property interests.

During this week you will be able to complete important tasks related to property or belongings, a farm or a personal car.

This will be a favorable time to settle financial or banking documents.

The week brings an important event or a strong emotional experience related to a man.

During these seven days, keep your personal belongings or personal information away from prying eyes.

During the week, you will have more family commitments, but you will hardly have difficulties in fulfilling them.

Boys and girls will remember this week with a gathering or an experience related to a peer, friend or classmate. This is unlikely to bring anything unexpected into your life and will most likely be something that will be planned well in advance. During these seven days you will have difficulty communicating with a woman who may be your relative. If you rely on such a person to solve some of your problems, you may be disappointed.

Men will find it difficult to maintain a positive mood and will often fall into a kind of pessimism or reluctance to talk about their future plans. You may have a meeting or welcome guests to your home who are neither pleasant to you nor in the mood to chat with them. Such a state of your soul must be cleansed as soon as possible, because your behavior can be the cause of events that will hurt you. It is possible that some unexpected events will restore your good form and good mood.

Women will find it difficult to accept other people's position in matters related to their love or personal life. Some past experiences have taught you that it is important to rely only on yourself and less to believe in promises. This week will be remembered with important events, with planned or unplanned changes or with making a drastic decision. These seven days will be favorable for travel.


During the week of June 24 - 30, many of you will have to take care of the health of a loved one or help such a person to overcome a difficult situation.

Many will try to realize important goals and plans, which will become slow and difficult. This can create a sense of insecurity, anxiety and generally more stress, which can affect your health in some way.

During the week you will have unclear relations with a person you work with. For this reason, it is good to talk openly with this person to avoid misunderstandings and ambiguities.

You will enjoy the news or a conversation with friends who are currently in a city, village or other country.

Unexpected news can inform you about the problems that are happening in the lives of people you know.

During the week you will consider various plans or commitments related to the family, which you will need to realize as soon as possible.

Boys and girls will continue to face the consequences of some trouble that happened in the last week. Your expectations that they will be resolved quickly will turn out to be an illusion and you will have to change your behavior or tactics to deal with them. You can get advice or help from someone close to you. You are still in the process of learning important life lessons and in most cases it will happen in the hardest way possible.

Men will need to have an important conversation with a woman, which may be of a personal, family or professional nature. Those of you who are involved in a court or legal case will be able to make some progress but not finalize the particular procedure. The week brings many unexpected situations for you, as well as unpleasant news related to a person you know.

Women will spend a week exchanging more messages, emails or phone calls with people from short or long distances. Some of you may receive an invitation regarding travel that will include a relative, friend or business associate. The week will be remembered with a greater workload, which will make you think about some changes regarding the way you perform your professional tasks. In general, you have a more interesting week ahead of you, full of new experiences.