Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week you will have to engage in tasks related to your interests and wealth affairs.

These commitments of yours may involve another person whom you would expect to help you in some way or to act together with you.

The week heralds an important event in the life of a loved one, which may require a special gift or congratulations.

During these seven days, you will expect to reach an agreement or receive money.

This can happen through someone in your family, but it can also happen through a representative of a bank, or other government institution.

During these seven days, you will have various occasions to feel confident in what you are doing and what you expect to achieve in the near future.

You will experience pleasant moments in love and in your personal life, with friends or with people interesting to you.

During this week, if you have to travel, make sure of the service of the means of transport you will use and the availability of all the important documents on which the success of this trip depends.

Boys and girls will spend a tense week, with conflicts easily arising. During the week you will have an occasion for a meeting or gathering related to a girl or a woman. This period can be remembered with a new friendship, which is not necessarily romantic in nature. In general, this will be a period that will bring new acquaintances and more commitments regarding your friends.

Men will consider a change or new behavior in the family or at work. It may be that your child or relative needs advice or help, support or simply to talk about issues that are important to them. This week brings many interesting events for you, and you will have to give yourself greater confidence in the meaning and importance of each of them.

Women may find themselves unprepared for the occurrence and development of certain events that will occur during these seven days. Some of them will be related to new problems or troubles that will still be related to events or people from the past. In fact, these unpleasant moments and experiences will have a simple solution, as long as you do not seek victory or supremacy over others at all costs.


During the week, you may be disappointed by a news or an event that you have been waiting for a long time.

Although initially, it may not meet your expectations, later after thinking about it, you will realize that it is actually the best that life gives you.

This week will be remembered for more frequent contacts with people from different distances.

If you have to travel during the week, you will definitely be able to fulfill your expectations, despite your initial worries and fears.

Many will receive news regarding the health problem of a person who lives far away, but who will manage to recover.

In love, this week will be remembered with more tension in the relationship, due to the greater emotionality of one of the partners.

Jealousy can be enjoyable as long as it is not excessive.

Boys and girls this week will have to put all their energy and attention into things related to education, professional development or career. Don't neglect any of your responsibilities. You may be manipulated or used in this way by your classmate, peer or colleague, which would not be fair to you or other people. It will be very important this week to protect yourself from any dishonest or speculative actions, from manipulation, both by other people towards you, and by you towards other people.

Men will encounter serious difficulties in carrying out their daily plans and tasks, and this may be partly due to the fact that you have talked too much before you start acting on them. Today you will realize that if you act and work quietly, you will achieve much more if you do not share your goals in advance. This week you may be saddened by unpleasant news related to a person or an event that is or will happen at a distance from you.

Women will have different preliminary plans for this week. Many of your plans will involve your friends. Your financial affairs and interests will not remain in the background.