Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week it is very likely that you will worry about health, or another serious problem in the life of a person, most likely from your circle of relatives.

The unpleasant thing in this situation for you will be that you cannot help with anything and that you have to rely a lot on other people or circumstances.

This week will draw a line for most of you between a lifestyle you've had up until now and another you'll have to get used to from now on.

Some events will manage to surprise you regardless of your awareness and attitude, but generally their development will not aim to harm you, on the contrary.

During the week you will have a more dynamic communication with someone who lives at a distance from you. The reason for this will be various events that are rapidly developing over the last few days or weeks.

This week will favor your financial affairs, especially for those who are looking for new opportunities, or for an additional job.

During these seven days, you can expect money, or other favorable actions of a financial nature from a close person.

Boys and girls will tend to calmly and wisely accept the advice or guidance they will receive from their parents, mentors or teachers regarding a better future. During these seven days, it will be very important to create and maintain harmony in your family, to help restore and harmonize problematic relationships.

Men will be burdened with a series of problems and complications in some family, professional or friendly relationships. This will only worsen the situation around you. Some problems will be better left for solution in the near or more distant future. Do not try to arrange your life to your liking in just seven days. Be careful in dealing with people who may reinforce your fears or concerns with their comments and remarks.

For women, this will be a favorable week for developing new acquaintances, as it will give you the opportunity to get to know your new partner better.

During these seven days, you will experience disappointment or misunderstanding in the actions of a woman who does not live in your home. Her actions are confusing, because they do not bring any success or benefit, on the contrary. During the week there will be a change in your travel plan, which may be postponed or you may have to accelerate its implementation.


During the week you will have serious conversations and discussions in the family about money issues, future expenses or opportunities for additional income.

Various events now will require you to carefully plan your budget, consider your income and be frugal in your spending.

In general, during the week you will encounter an annoying person who will bother you with various desires and whims.

During these seven days, you will distrustfully make some purchases that are important for the comfort of your home, or that are a priority for a member of your family. In the end, it will turn out that you made a good deal, or that you made the right decision.

The week will favor the development of your professional commitments, especially if you put some new ideas into their implementation or decide to experiment with changes according to the current circumstances.

The week will be interesting for you because of the news you will receive, about your work or business.

Boys and girls may want to travel with friends.

Men will want a relaxed and fun week, but the duties and responsibilities you have are unlikely to support such free time. During these seven days, you will be much more likely to get angry about any difficulties or obstacles that come your way in accomplishing your tasks. Some of the good experiences during these seven days will be related to receiving money or signing/resolving an important document/contract for you.

Women will be in a favorable position to prove themselves through their skills and knowledge. New opportunities, where they arise, will only help to show more clearly what you can do and that you have been undeservedly neglected until now. Many good situations will appear before you during these seven days, but they will most likely be felt and used by the prepared (spiritually and mentally) of you.