Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


During the week from March 11 to 17, you will have to face some unpleasant or annoying domestic and property problems. Their occurrence and the impossibility of resolving them at this stage may force you to make some decisions.

This week does not favor the purchase of properties, but if you need to, be very careful in every detail.

In general, the week will favor the development of your main commitments and their successful completion. This also applies to those related to money or financial documents.

A favorable influence in your affairs this week will come from people with whom you have some professional or social contacts.

During these seven days, be careful in professional contacts. Unpleasant mistakes and even attempts at fraud or misconduct can occur.

If you have decided to travel this week, prepare to face unexpected obstacles, or experience unexpected events.

During this week you will reflect on some of your unrealized ideas and plans.

Boys and girls will go through some uncomfortable emotional situations, and some of you may burst into tears, while others harbor resentment or a desire for revenge. Learn to overcome such situations and conditions with wisdom and maturity, regardless of your age. This week you will definitely have the opportunity to show who you are and what you can do.

Men will face difficulties that will arise due to some negative traits of their character. Being stubborn or wanting things your way will only hurt you this week. Your financial relationships or any kind of deal you are involved with will require attention. The week brings some new responsibilities related to your home or family, which will have to be accepted and fulfilled with all the seriousness they require.

Women will spend a difficult week. Beware of legal issues. During the week you will have an engagement with a girl.


During the week from March 11 to 17, you will have important, useful or interesting virtual or real contacts with your romantic partner or with people with whom you have a common goal (cause) in life.

In general, love will be an important part of your life during these seven days and will fill you with positive energy and optimism.

You may have certain expectations for the development of your relationship and try to somehow force their development. Try not to wait too long.

During this week you may be worried about the health of a loved one. It is also possible that a young woman around you will cause you serious concern.

In general, the week will require greater attention to any health problem, but without allowing panic or fear.

During this week, you will be saddened by an unexpected event in a man's life, which will happen because of his unreasonable or dangerous actions, self-confidence and others.

During this week, it will be important to avoid arrogant actions that could cause injuries or any other unpleasant incident.

During the week, a conflict will arise with a person from your circle of friends, due to an unfulfilled promise or a discrepancy in plans, which will cause you some discomfort.

Boys and girls will go through some conflict situations this week, related to displays of jealousy, desire for dominance or stubbornness. Be careful with your accusations of others because you are not perfect yourself. At home, try to live in harmony with others, understand the problems of your parents or other family members. Help when you can, avoid conflicts. During this week, conflicts can cause you headaches.

Men will plan their affairs day by day, as new or useful information will constantly come to you, and various circumstances will undergo unexpected changes. For some of you, the week will be remembered with an important document, contract, agreement or invitation to attend an event. You will communicate much more with friends, due to the dynamic development of various important events in society or in the world.

Women will be at the center of the most important events in the family this week. This is the time to realize your ideas and plans. Of course, if you were able to convince others in time of their benefit or perspective. During these seven days, someone will try to deceive or lie to you, but you will be protected from such an action.