Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn

Weekly Horoscope Sagittarius - Capricorn


You will be lucky as you will have very good opportunities to realize your plans and goals. Of course, nothing will happen with a magic wand if you do not make the necessary efforts to achieve what is important to you.

Your personal or romantic relationships may have a particularly favorable development and you will gain more clarity about their future.

The week will create favorable circumstances in your work or business, where you will have opportunities for better income, sales or profits, depending on what the specific activity is related to. You may be satisfied with the salary increase or the conclusion of a new, financial and beneficial contract for you.

During the week, spend more time talking with your children about different life situations that they are experiencing or that will come up.

During the week you will experience a stressful situation related to a close person, which may be related to an incident or personal drama in this person's life.

Your relationships with friends will be interesting for you and will positively affect your plans during the week.

Boys and girls will have a lot of courage and hope this week, but you'll soon realize that the world doesn't just revolve around you. Some conversations or meetings will calm you down and bring you back to reality. You will be disappointed or experience an insult from a person you know recently. The good thing is that problems or unpleasant things in life will pass quickly this week.

Men will devote a large part of their free time to meetings and experiences with new and old friends with whom they have common interests, activities, hobbies. A new, unexpected acquaintance can change your way of life.

Women should prepare in advance for a week of important events. It is during these seven days that a small decision or action on your part can later turn out to be the first step towards a big change. You don't have to experience some big, drastic event right now. During the week you will definitely have occasions for pleasant emotions. Women who have a troubled romantic relationship or marriage will reveal an unpleasant secret about their partner.


You may be pleased with interesting opportunities to purchase or improve your home, to refresh a property you own, an opportunity to exchange one residence for another, and other similar material situations favorable to you.

During the week you will have to thank a loved one, friend, colleague or acquaintance with a gift or gesture, something that this person definitely deserves.

This week you will unexpectedly meet with old acquaintances or friends with whom you have lost contact over time, due to various changes and displacements. For some of you it will be a pleasant meeting filled with special memories, but for others it may be a cause of sadness, nostalgia for the past and others.

During this week you will worry about the health of a girl or woman who most likely lives at a distance from you

During the week, your financial relationship with a person from another residence will have a good development, regardless of whether your relationship is of a family or professional nature.

This will be a favorable week for travel, especially if the trip is related to work or solving important issues.

Boys and girls will have an interesting week, with much brighter experiences and a clearer idea of ​​their influence in the future. A positive role in your life will be played by people who are your parents or teachers, mentors. Close people will help you make the right decision or react correctly in a complex situation. New acquaintances made this week will have some importance in your life.

Men will also spend an interesting and successful week, with the emergence of new opportunities or meetings with interesting people. In general, this week you will have more contacts and meetings or participate in important events. You will not miss conflicts and they will be as emotional and deep as you allow them to be.

Women will spend a week with important decisions, small or big changes and displacement. Any action, decision or change you make during these seven days will be cardinal and will not tolerate corrections. This is especially true for your love life. Meeting an old romantic partner may surprise you with the emotions it will evoke in you.