Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week of July 8 - 14, you will make important decisions about your future, or you will start big changes.

This week will bring a new phase in your life.

This new phase may last a month or two or develop over several years. The important thing is to keep moving forward, to make bold plans for your future, regardless of your age.

During the week there will be a need to buy a gift or to thank in some way a person who helped you when you needed it.

During the week, you may want to get rid of a commitment or promise related to a meeting or meeting. Be careful what lie you use to get out of that commitment.

Boys and girls will be emotionally unstable during these seven days, making them sensitive, sentimental and tearful.

In your love life, relationships will depend on your emotions and mood.

The love life of men, regardless of age or marital status, will be active and important to their self-esteem and physical form. Those of you who have a daughter may experience different emotions about her personal or romantic life.

Women will start off with some anxiety this week, but will be able to shake it off relatively quickly. The week brings important news or experiences regarding the family or people from your circle of relatives. These seven days will be a very powerful and promising time for you, with chances or opportunities that may surprise you in almost every area of ​​your life. Unexpected cash or extra income is not excluded.


During the week of July 8 - 14, you will tend to worry much more and perhaps unnecessarily about the development of your important plans. In fact, everything will depend on certain circumstances or people over whom you have no control.

During the week you will be able to rely on the help of other people to carry out important, daily tasks.

The week brings financial relationships with a child or young person, most likely from your family, which may be related to expenses for personal needs, but may also be related to investments in education, career or business.

Some of you will be happy about the money you will get for a child.

During the week there will be worries about a business trip, but in general its development will be good for you.

The week brings interesting news related to your love story from the past.

A new acquaintance is possible with a person who lives at a distance from you and whose development will attract your attention in the coming weeks.

Boys and girls will use favorable opportunities this week to update or improve their clothing or personal appearance. Some of your wishes may be related to expensive purchases that your family cannot afford at this stage. Such a rejection by your parents or relatives can cause a conflict, which is not only undesirable, but will also be a manifestation of immaturity on your part.

Men will consider their future actions. It is possible that they are related to preparations for the autumn or winter season, with the need for some urgent repairs or improvements to improve the functioning of the house where you live. Parents born under this zodiac sign will face a dilemma to please their child in something or to act sensibly, as this may be associated with a large and difficult expense.

Women will have desires or situations will arise in which you will have to spend more time with your friends, neighbors or colleagues. It is possible to invite friends to your home with whom you can have interesting topics of conversation, or an occasion to gather. Your health will require attention, with some mild symptoms.