Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week of July 1 - 7, you will engage in various meetings with new and old friends or acquaintances. In most cases, you will have a special case for this.

Your acquaintances with people with whom you were together in the past will have an interesting development: classmates, colleagues, neighbors, etc.

During this week you can organize interesting plans with friends for joint actions in the near future. You may engage in some new projects related to people in your circle of friends.

During this week, your financial affairs will require more attention, as there is a risk of making a mistake, becoming the target of fraud, losing something from omissions, etc.. In general, be maximally focused in all actions related to the money.

During the week, some of you will discuss or resolve financial issues related to inheritance, pension, etc.

Travels this week will be associated with contradictions or conflicts of any nature. In general, there will be a lot of tension on a trip or in contacts with people from afar.

In terms of love, if you have a partner who lives in another country, disputes will arise related to displays of jealousy, misunderstandings, etc.

In general, this week will be remembered for more lively communication with friends near and far. You will discuss interesting news, events, plans to meet soon and more.

Boys and girls will spend an interesting week of growth in their views on the world and life in general. Through the experience you will gain during these seven days, through the people you will meet or talk to, you will learn many new things that can change your worldview.

During this week it will be good to leave behind any illusions and hopes for things that were possible a year or two ago, but at this stage the changes, of which you are also a part, will not allow you to make them happen.

Men will find something to invest their energy and hopes for the future. This optimistic approach to life will serve you well this week. You will see the conflicts that will arise during these seven days much more easily and you will not be immersed in the problem that causes them. It will be more difficult for you when communicating with the people you work with, but even there you can find a way to speak tactfully.

Women will have to use the experience they have accumulated in their past to deal with a complex or delicate situation this week. Some mistakes you've made in your past, such as broken commitments or broken promises, may surface as a reminder, or pressure to do so anyway. During this week, it will be important to protect yourself from loss or theft, which may be related to a document, personal items, money, etc.


During the week of July 1 - 7, you will witness or participate in an interesting or unexpected event related to a relative.

During this week you will have hope for the development of your affairs related to money.

In general, things related to financial documents will be successful for you.

During this week you will benefit in some way from the actions of a person with whom you work or study together. It is possible to receive advice, protection, suggestions, etc.

Although you will have great faith in the success of your plan or venture, this week also brings you moments of pessimism. You may suddenly and emotionally decide to give something up in order to put your energies and resources into something else that you consider more promising.

The week brings the possibility of love conflicts or misunderstandings. Disputes will arise over trivial matters.

Manifestations of intolerance towards the other partner's actions or behaviors are possible.

Such experiences can test some more fragile or newly formed relationships.

Some of you will have to deal with more responsible issues or other complex situations related to a child or a new relative.

It is possible that a concern related to money will arise, or you will have to spend money on health: for therapy or treatment.

Boys and girls will remember this week with some important decisions that you will make on your own initiative or under the pressure or advice of other people. Serious conversations and responsible actions are ahead of you to ensure your financial stability.

Men will spend a week with interesting chances and situations, which if played well and take advantage of the opportunities, can achieve an interesting progress in their personal or professional affairs. Your close people will have a very good influence on your decisions and commitments. Problems, where they arise, will be due to your haste, impatience, and sometimes your inability to correctly assess the specific situation.

Women will have serious and responsible commitments and obligations during the week, mainly at work or business, depending on which of these fields they are developing. During the week you will have conversations or engagements with a man, which may also be related to your career.