Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week you will have the opportunity to start or implement your idea and plan related to material or property matters.

If you need help, you will be able to get it.

This will be a favorable week for buying new items for the home, buying property or selling any property.

The week will be a favorable time to resolve or receive a document of a financial nature. In this plan, the influence or involvement of a relative or friend will be favorable and successful for you.

During the week you will have a meeting or visit in an unpleasant case or related to a delicate situation.

This will be an unfavorable week for judicial or legal actions, regardless of what they are related to.

During these seven days you will meet new people in your life with whom you will be able to create an interesting acquaintance or friendship.

Many will be able to enjoy a gift or purchase that they will personally make for themselves.

Boys and girls will have a wonderful week to show off their skills or communicate with different people. This will help to create new acquaintances. During this week you will be part of some important family events such as birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of a baby and others. You will remember these seven days with an experience related to a close person: a friend or relative.

Men risk allowing themselves to be deceived in a situation, the consequences of which can be unpleasant and cost the loss of money, prestige or the termination of contacts already established by you. During these seven days, you will find it difficult to communicate with children or those younger than you, especially if your work is related to them. In your workplace you will feel very tense, burdened or impaired in some way.

Women will have conversations about financial matters or future actions regarding a document or contract. During this week it will be very important to avoid unpleasant situations or people.


During the week of June 24 - 30, you will find a way to free yourself from an anxiety that has caused you worries in recent months. It could be about your love or family life.

The development of your plans this week will be unpredictable.

As emotionally difficult as such events are, it is better to act decisively than to continue spinning in a vicious circle.

This week heralds various events related to a person from your past.

During these seven days you will expect important news, which will depend on the development of your plans and actions this month.

If you have health problems, use the week for treatment and therapy.

The week brings tiring or routine commitments related to relatives.

In general, you will not lack humor and the desire for romantic adventures and new acquaintances, but do not waste time only on entertainment.

Boys and girls will spend this week with the need to show more commitment to things that happen at home or in the family. You may have to help your loved ones more in the implementation of some important tasks. During the week you will have useful conversations that will help you organize your future plans. New acquaintances with people who will have a favorable or necessary influence on your personality are not excluded.

Men will have more tasks or more commitments with a child or other new relative. You may have an involvement in their education or career. In your work or business, you will have a chance to be happy about what you will experience. During this week, you can get rid of some of your worries, or solve a problem that has been causing you tension for the past few days and weeks.

Women will also be restless, irritable, easily angered by the actions of family members this week. Many unexpected events and situations will arise during these seven days, some of which will be related to news, phone calls or offers that you will receive from near or far.