Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week, arguments or conflicts or other causes of tension are likely to arise, including with people who are your old friends or acquaintances. The reasons for such experiences will be very different, but in most cases they will arise and pass quickly, leaving behind some negative emotions. Be careful and diplomatic when such a situation arises. You know how to balance and calm tension or you will gain similar skills, experience.

Your expectations for the development of your financial affairs this week may turn out to be unrealistic, causing you to have expenses in advance and this will lead to difficulties later. Be especially practical and thrifty during these seven days.

Some new offers or money situations can put you at a disadvantage or disappoint you.

This week warns of concerns related to the health of a loved one, who most likely lives with you under the same roof. It's nothing serious, but your worries and fears will be greater and somewhat understandable.

Domestic problems during the week will be unpleasant, but solvable.

This week in general will not be very successful for you. Many things will have to be postponed until next week or for a more favorable time.

You will have occasions of joy, you will meet pleasant and interesting people, but the results of your actions during these seven days will be insignificant.

Boys and girls will have to slow down and exercise more caution when getting involved in new things and greater responsibilities. During this week, you will definitely have to rely on your experience, even if it is not so great. If necessary, seek the advice of people who have sufficient knowledge of the issues that concern you at present. You will be able to get a positive role and support from a male friend or relative.

Men will burden themselves with troubles that hardly happened this week. Each of you will have different expectations for the development of such situations, but in no case do not let things resolve themselves. Sit down and talk to people who have been affected by these events.

Women will have a cheerful, optimistic and positive mood, which may be due to the influence of some pleasant experiences of the last few days. Close friends will have a very strong influence on your mood and to some extent on your plans. You will enjoy meeting or interacting with a woman who may be older than you, but definitely manages to fill you with positive energy.


During the week you will have to make important decisions regarding future changes that will mainly be related to your personal life, but that will reflect in some way your family or career.

Of course, everything will happen only if you are ready for changes and for active participation in them, understanding their importance in your life.

Java will require more care for the house, garden or farm, if you have one.

This will be a favorable time for changes at home, for moving to another place of residence or for buying a new property.

Even from the financial side, the week will be favorable for you, but try to stay realistic in your expectations. Avoid gambling and seeking easy profits.

During the week, keep your personal belongings safe from loss or theft. Being distracted can create uncomfortable situations, panic and confusion.

During the week you will tend to return to pleasant memories from the past. This may be a reason to seek contact with old friends on social networks.

Some of this week's surprises will provoke you to start new things.

Boys and girls will spend a week of pleasant and fun experiences with friends or peers. You will tend to avoid serious problems or responsibilities. During the week, news related to a health problem of a friend of yours, who is young and you did not expect him to get sick, may frighten you. It will be very important this week to synchronize your expectations and hopes with what you can actually achieve, achieve or receive.

Men will encounter human malice or envy in a situation or place where they least expected to encounter such treatment. The good thing is that you will easily get out of such a situation or look at it more philosophically, as a life experience that fate has decided to give you. The week will offer one of you new chances for additional work, for increased weekly or monthly income and more.

Women will remember this week with an unpleasant news or a stressful situation, things that will show you the meaning and price of human life. Some unfavorable events that you are given to experience this week should not depress you or fill you with pessimism. They have no such purpose, but rather will provoke you to think more seriously about what is important in life; what has value and what passes by without leaving a trace behind.