Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week from March 18 to 24, you will go through a rather emotional and unpredictable period in case you commit to a trip, even for family reasons.

During the week, you may receive unpleasant news about a relative who lives at a distance from you.

You will have reason to worry about the children. Various events in their lives will be the occasion for important or honest conversations with them.

You will receive various news or proposals, the development of which is expected to open new horizons and new opportunities for progress and success.

Some of your actions in the past may also be the cause of important successes that you will enjoy this week.

Boys and girls will discuss very emotional events in the life of a boy who is a classmate, or just a peer. The new week brings many interesting events for you, and you should know in advance that each of them will have an impact on your future in some way. The week brings news about a close person who is experiencing an important change in his life.

Men will experience emotionally unpleasant news related to a person they know, or for whom they have a lot of respect. It can be your favorite actor, politician or other public figure. Those involved in any legal or judicial matters would do well to prepare for an unexpected development or outcome. Too much tension during the week will definitely make you impatient and easily conflicted.

Women will have to be careful with the comments they make about other people, whether relatives, friends or acquaintances. It is possible to make such a comment misled by false information and it can discredit you in front of other people. The week will favor travel, especially if you have an invitation or a reservation in advance. It is possible that such a trip will connect with your friends.


Watch carefully, but without unnecessary suspicion, the development of events that will arise and develop outside your home.

Don't be too quick to judge the situations in your life, or the people you come in contact with.

During the week, you will expect news or developments of various events in the lives of children or young people who are part of the family of friends, colleagues.

The week can be remembered with an important event related to a woman from your circle of relatives.

Conflicts this week will in most cases be about trivial things, but their consequences can be quite unpleasant or long-term.

Some representatives of this sign will talk with their intimate partner about plans related to future motherhood.

The week will be complicated for some of your inner affairs, as what you want for yourself will not always correspond to the wishes of other family members.

Boys and girls will have to look more seriously at some problems or tasks that are important to the family. You will need to show more maturity or give more help to parents or elderly relatives. This week will generally be a progressive and successful period for you, which does not mean that you should run away from responsibilities that you do not like. Many will be happy about an offer, an invitation or an opportunity to start something new in life.

The men must first finish the unfinished business from the previous week before moving on to their new commitments. Some of these tasks may be unpleasant or too complicated, but by leaving them behind, you are not making your future any easier. This is especially true for your job or business, for those who have one. During the week you will have to deal with any property or household problem, with the settlement of documents or payments related to the property you own.

Women will have to arm themselves with more patience during these seven days, because very few things will happen as you wish. Different factors will affect your jobs in different ways and control over them will be almost impossible. Take care and protect personal belongings or information that you do not want to become known to other people. Parents of women born under this zodiac sign will have to deal more seriously with a problem of their child. Your tasks will be many this week as well, limiting your time for rest, or for pleasant activities.