Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


This week, love will continue to excite you and may be the cause of important events in the lives of your loved ones and friends.

The week brings important events in the life of your partner.

Your relationships with men will be affected by everyday events, but a conflict with a man can hurt you emotionally, and you will not forget this insult for a long time.

During this week you will be able to resolve most of your concerns, regardless of what they are related to.

The week brings new opportunities in the personal or professional aspect, which you will be able to realize.

You will be able to stabilize your health in case you have a problem.

It is possible that you worry, or make some plans with people who live at a distance from you and who are likely to be your friends.

Boys and girls will decide that this week is a time of fun and that there will always be enough time for serious tasks. The advice or suggestions you will receive from a close person will be good not to neglect. They can relate to your love life as well as your education or goals in life. It will be very important this week to keep your personal plans, secrets and ideas, because not every smile hides a valuable and sincere person.

Men will have to trust some new people in their lives, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful. New people come with a mission in your life, but it can also be a good one and it can bring you some trials. For some of you, financial relationships with loved ones or a business partner will come to the fore. The week will also be remembered for a pleasant experience with a woman.

Women, above all, this week will have to take care of their health, be it for maintaining a good physical shape, dental treatment or another type of therapy. Some of your commitments will be realized with great anxiety or fear, as these will be things you will be committing to for the first time. The health of a child or girl may cause concern, but it will recover quickly.


During the week from March 11 to 17, not only you, but also your whole family will be engaged in various financial matters, payments, documents, planning of future expenses and others.

Things will develop relatively smoothly, without worries or unnecessary tensions.

During this week, you will be pleased with the news, a decision or an event related to a child or young person who lives at a distance from you.

The week brings news about the birth of a child, which will also be a reason for special joy.

During this week, avoid trouble with people who barely accept your opinion and will tend to oppose you very strongly.

The week will be remembered with unexpected occasions for joy in the family or in your circle of relatives.

Boys and girls will discuss, consider or make decisions about some future engagements, from which they will expect not only to gain some experience, but perhaps also to receive some payment. This will be a favorable week for resolving contractual relationships. In your personal life, interesting experiences and emotions are expected with a loved one or with friends. It is possible that you will enjoy unexpected money. The events of the week are not only intended to bring you pleasure and fulfill your desires, but also to provoke you to think about the value of the life you are currently leading and the life you want to have.

Men can have a more relaxed time, giving themselves plenty of time to rest, reflect and plan their next course of action. Conversations with people from your close environment will have a good influence on you. Your personal, health, or loved one's problem may cause concern, but there will also be a speedy recovery. Love will create many emotional situations in your life, regardless of your marital status.

Women will be emotionally unstable, most likely due to the greater load of various events that will take place this week. You may experience disappointment from the inability to realize a goal, or from the attitude of some towards you. Fraud attempts or giving a promise that the relevant person will not fulfill are not excluded. The good thing is that the development of events during the week will happen at a fast pace, so unpleasant situations will pass quickly.