Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio

Weekly horoscope Libra - Scorpio


During the week of February 5th to 11th you will experience moments when you will feel like you are losing ground and at other times you will be filled with joy and a sense of changes and important events in your life.

In general, this week you will be in a period of changes, and that is why different emotions and moods are possible.

Try to maintain some stability within yourself because this will be important for your mental health.

Don't be afraid of changes or new things in your life.

During these seven days you will think about work or child education.

The week will favor romantic and intimate experiences, especially for unmarried representatives of your sign.

During the week you will have useful conversations or important actions with someone with whom you have shared personal or professional plans for the future.

This week should not make you blind to what is happening in your family or in your marriage, as at some point you may be unpleasantly surprised.

Lack of openness and sincerity in family relationships will be a serious problem if you allow it to happen.

Whether you allow events to take their course, no matter which way they go, will be entirely up to you.

Boys and girls will spend this week with higher expectations for emotional or important experiences for the future. For many things you will rely on friends, classmates and peers, but in general you will have your own opinion on every important step in your life during these seven days.

Men will have to completely change some of their plans. You will have to make difficult decisions in this regard, but you will have support from your family or an important part of your relatives. The week brings many surprises, both with your family life and with the lives of your relatives. Meetings on different but very important occasions are possible. During these seven days, someone's decision to separate or divorce can shock not only you, but also a large number of other people.

Women will have a desire for more movement, travel, walks, visits to interesting places, restaurants or other places of entertainment. You can collect various information about the interests you have from different areas of life.


During the week of February 5 to 11, you will be able to engage in some important financial actions related to various payments, the resolution of contractual relations and others.

Your financial affairs with women will have a very good development.

During these seven days you will find it difficult to communicate with people from your circle of friends or acquaintances, who may bother you with annoying conversations, or not accept your advice or thoughts, making mistake after mistake.

The behavior of such people can also be a reason to distance yourself from them.

During the week, you will be surprised by a conflict or tension that will arise around some family property, equipment at your workplace and others.

An unexpected injury is possible, which will be difficult to fix.

It is possible that you yourself have an interesting and useful communication with people who live near or far.

Boys and girls will be able to bring some harmony and peace into their lives during these seven days. The presence or influence of a woman older than you will be beneficial to you. Interesting events are coming your way that will leave a mark on your life. Your dreams will also be interesting and if you write them down one day you will realize that they have given you a message about your future. During the week, you can attend a gathering or send special greetings to a girl or woman who will have a birthday or other special celebration.

Men (especially those over 35) will feel their importance as 'head of the family', as the seriousness of your duties this week will require a greater responsibility that not everyone will be willing to take on. During these seven days, your love life or that of a loved one will be the subject of conversations, discussions or making important decisions. Some important, useful, but also difficult decisions and conversations about important life topics are ahead of you.

Women will be interested in getting to know better the people they will meet this week. You will feel a special attraction, which may be due to the great life experience of the new people in your life. During the week you will have an interesting experience with a person with whom you have not had a close relationship before. You may have a sudden urge to buy something.