Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week of July 8 - 14, you can plan or make an important or interesting trip for you. It will bring you many emotions and experiences.

During the week you will enjoy the news that will come from a person who lives far away.

During this week, your relationships with people of the same horoscope sign will be complicated. The troubles that will arise may be on a personal or professional basis, but be reasonable and do not allow them to deepen.

In general, the week will require you to pay much more attention to organizing and carrying out your daily chores and tasks.

Don't let your time be wasted on unnecessary things or entertainment. This can hurt you and you may find yourself in a losing position at some point.

Health will require care regardless of your age.

Some of the good things this week will be related to the money you will receive through family people or through a family business.

During this week you will have to spend more time thinking about an invitation or proposal that you will receive. You definitely won't rush your answer.

Boys and girls will face some serious challenges this week that will arise as a result of their foolish, wrong or dangerous actions from the recent past. The week may be marked by an unpleasant event or experience in your family or in your circle of relatives. For some of you, the week means staying at the home of relatives, friends or some other interesting place for a period of time.

Men will have a week of interesting experiences and various turns of events and plans will occur, the future development of which will turn out to be much more favorable or promising for you. Your issues related to the house where you live, or a property that your family owns may have a good development. During this week, you will intuitively find solutions and ways to implement your ideas.

Women will be surprised by some situations in which they themselves will not understand how they got into. The unpredictability of this week's events may cause different meetings or visits to institutions. During this week you may be surprised by unexpected guests or an unexpected meeting. You will look for the hidden meaning of the events that will happen in your life.


During the week of July 8 - 14, new commitments will arise, which will be mainly related to your home or a close circle.

During the week, conflicts will easily arise due to the development of various circumstances in your workplace or in your family. These are not conflicts that can destroy your relationship, but they can cause secrets to be revealed, be related to some intrigue or lies, or manipulate their development in some way.

Your financial affairs will have a good development this week.

In your love life, concerns or fears may arise about the development of your relationship, which will not bring you much benefit. If something is bothering you, the best thing to do is sit down and have an open conversation with your partner.

Boys and girls will have a favorable week for travel, which may be one or more days. Despite your good and positive expectations for this week, you will not miss states of disappointment, sadness, dissatisfaction or loneliness. At such moments, you will prefer to close yourself in your house, focusing your attention on things that are pleasant for you or that will help you get out of a negative mood.

The men will first have to commit to unfinished tasks from the previous week. In general, this week things will develop naturally, without much intervention on your part. During these seven days, memories from the past related to people near and dear to you may appear.

Women will have to prepare for a lot of work this week, especially those who have their own business. Sometimes it will leave you very little time to rest, or various stressful situations will take a lot of your energy. Find a way to get enough rest and enough time to sleep. During the week, an unpleasant situation may arise regarding a person from your circle of colleagues or someone with whom you have social/public contacts.