Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week you will have a favorable time for the development of your love life in the circumstances you are currently in.

This means that you should be realistic, not ask your partner for more than he can give you, and you yourself should not offer more than is possible.

This will be a favorable week to develop personal and love relationships with a partner who lives at a distance from you.

During the week, you will not miss cases of contradictions or verbal clashes with people who have a different opinion than yours.

Love relationships with people with whom you have a greater age difference can turn into manifestations of jealousy, or disrespect for the partner's opinion and desire.

Avoid getting drawn into various conspiracy theories because they won't help you at this point.

The week will favor trips related to the care of property owned by you or your family.

Boys and girls will spend this week with more optimism, will and energy to understand what is important to you in this period. You will tend to listen to the advice of others, accept their help and especially enjoy the open support of the people around you. You will experience an important event in your home related to a personal celebration or something else that is special.

Men will have different experiences with a girl, most likely from the close circle of relatives, who is going through a special period in her life. At this moment, she will most likely need a person next to her who understands and supports her. It is possible that the actions of your loved one disappoint you or you think that he is going in the wrong direction in his development, but there is a possibility that you yourself were wrong in your judgment. The week brings a lot of love emotions for men, especially for those who are not married.

Women will experience some interesting meetings or gatherings, with or without chance, with known or unknown people. It is possible to meet someone with whom you have unpleasant experiences in your past that are neither forgotten nor forgiven. It is possible that during this meeting you will say some harsh and offensive words. It will be very important what level you maintain in your communication during these seven days.


During the week you will invest energy, emotions and resources in the development and stabilization of your internal, material and financial comfort.

This week's surprises can be related to various purchases or money.

During these seven days, you will have a favorable time to develop and fulfill your professional commitments and tasks, to achieve important successes and results.

This will be a favorable week for receiving money or profits from work, private business or additional activities.

You can get money through a bank or other government institution.

During this week you will follow events in the life of a person who is your relative, or you will empathize with his problems.

During this week you will have to refuse an invitation or offer, for which you will have a good reason.

Some of the news during the week will make you sad as it will be the reason to hinder your planned meetings, conversations or activities.

Boys and girls will receive an interesting offer or invitation, but later it will turn out that they lied to you about something. You can remember this week with an important purchase in your home. Most of you will be thinking about big changes, for the better, in your life. Whether you will manage to implement them is another matter. The week brings problems with a person with whom you have contact at school, university, work or is a representative of any institution. You will spend these seven days with high hopes for your love life.

Men will be somewhat involved in taking care of one's health and therefore it will be difficult for you to pay enough attention to the family. You will have different conversations or other experiences with someone who lives a distance away from you.

Women will have to be careful with their new ventures this week. It will be important to fix your affairs and relationships. It will be good to avoid people you don't like or who strain you mentally in some way. Some new situations in your workplace may make you think about future changes related to your workplace. This is most likely to happen this year, but only when you are ready for such a change.