Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope

Leo - Virgo weekly horoscope


During the week you will experience unexpected or unpleasant events at work or in business.

They can relate to a woman from your workplace or a client.

There will be more uncertainty and instability in the work of those who are taking the first steps in a new workplace.

During this week, you will watch with concern the development of a serious problem in a woman's life.

It can be related to her health, problems at work or personal life.

Tensions will be higher this week, having an unpleasant effect on your mood or creating anxiety about the future.

An unexpected news or event will restore your optimism and hope that what you are experiencing at the moment will be temporary and better times will soon come.

In a conflict you will understand obscure or secret things, or you will derive some other benefit from this situation.

During this week you will consider your family matters much more seriously.

Boys and girls will have to prepare for a week of crises or complications, both in the family and at school/work, in friendly relationships. Sometimes you will find it difficult to believe an unpleasant news and you will seek its confirmation, wanting to protect yourself from false information or hasty reactions. Be very careful about what you share with people outside your family. Not everyone will enjoy your successes or appreciate your ideas properly. During the week, it is possible to steal not only your personal belongings, but also your idea or plan for the future. The good thing is that most of you will be able to sense the fakeness very quickly, but you still need to be prepared for such situations.

Men will have occasions for small joys in their personal and family life, which will be related to receiving money, personal holidays, successes of a family and others. A reason for joy can be the birth of a baby or the success associated with your already grown child. This is a very dynamic week in terms of communication, both in terms of phone calls and through the exchange of messages or emails, including social networks.

Women will find it difficult to accept the slow development of their jobs. Taking care of the property you own will require a lot more energy and time on your part. Your expectations for this week should be very ordinary, without straining in anticipation of any special event or excitement, so that you do not have to experience disappointment.


During the week you will have to make quick decisions, adapt to unexpected changes, which on the one hand will be good, but on the other hand will be accompanied by a little more stress in your life.

You will learn unpleasant news about a person with whom you were enemies in the past. Whether it will bring you any pleasure or sadness is most likely individual.

During the week you will have to experience some stressful situations that will hardly surprise you. Their purpose is to push you much harder to make decisions about the changes you will make.

Realizing that your life cannot continue as it has been will be of great benefit to you.

Your relationships with colleagues or clients will require attention.

The good things during this week will be related to money, with the resolution of a contract or an important document of a financial nature.

The week will provoke thoughts or actions related to working from home, online business, building a business on the farm you own and other similar ideas.

Boys and girls will remember this week with joyful meetings or visits. Many will be happy to receive money from various sources. You may have domestic troubles in your home or you may burden yourself with some troubles. In general, the week will be remembered with some difficulties in your family. During these seven days you can take a short trip. The week brings changes in your emotional life.

Men will have reason to rejoice with their children, but the plans related to them will undergo unforeseen changes. The week brings an unexpected change, which in some cases may be accompanied by unpleasant news about a person you know personally. For some of you, serious property problems will arise.

Women should be careful when traveling this week, as travel carries some risks, disappointments or other unexpected or unpleasant situations. A change will occur around a meeting or guest visit that you previously planned. During the week you will have reason to look forward to a meeting or gathering with friends.